26th Feb 2009, 14:11

I can never see me ever selling any of my cars except for if my wife or young son was to fall ill and I needed the money. My son loves the collector series most because of the chrome tips on the "gills" whenever I go riding in it he HAS to come with me. One day the cycle will continue and it will be him writing about the car that grandpa bought, daddy grew up with and gave to him when he graduates in about 20 years...

24th Aug 2009, 19:22

I have had three 70's Lincolns since I was 16. A silver blue starfire 1976 Continental Town car and two 79 Town Cars in cream, and the only girl left in all my cars, my triple black sedan with power moonroof. The one car I have never experienced is the Mark V. I was a kid in the late 70's and the V to me seemed to have a life of its own. I might have a chance at a blue Collectors, but I have to drive across the continent to see it. I am throwing caution to the wind and going to see this car. Wish me luck.

25th Aug 2009, 17:00

To the guy going on the Collector's Series odyssey.

Good luck man. I wrote the comment before yours. If you've never experienced a Mark V, then it's not a good idea to get a Collector's series first. The reason being is that this car completely spoils you and no other Mark even compares after it. It was the meant to be the best Mark that Continental ever made, and it truly was. I hope you are finding one in good condition. If you ever need any technical advice (I happen to be senior technician at the Hyundai dealership in my area, not to mention that I've restored a total of 11 Marks since I started driving and own 7 now) or source for parts or info, email me at Miketastic1982@yahoo.com

Happy motoring and have a safe trip.


The Lincoln Nut.