10th Feb 2011, 06:12

To the guy who found the Mark V with the Edelbrock mods on the engine. Can you tell me where you found this car and what color it was (White or blue)? I had a white Collectors Series Mark V that I sold back around that time, and as I recall, it went to the west coast and was supposed to go to Poland. Maybe it got stuck there and never made it overseas. The previous owner of mine did that Edelbrock stuff, and I never got around to taking it off. However, I will say that if that was my old car, I put a lot of money into it mechanically, so you would have made off pretty good on that deal. I also had replaced many interior parts with nos ones. I always wondered what happened to that car.

21st Mar 2012, 13:04

Actually I'm only fifteen, and I've got a Lincoln Continental Mark V Collectors Series. And from what I've read, they can go up to as much as 70 thousand dollars in today's money in good condition, because there was only 6,000 of them made.

Mine doesn't have problems with the motor... it only has problems with the electrical stuff, but I've fixed most of it, and I got mine for free...

23rd Mar 2012, 08:29

The only way one of these cars would go in that range of $70k, is if it were a museum piece owned by like a celebrity or something. A good original survivor or well restored example could go in the 20-25k range, but these cars have not hit their apex yet. They might not ever get into that range for a while yet, but it doesn't matter, if you love your car, like I love my Collectors Series Mark V, then who cares how much it's "worth"; just enjoy it.

As far as your electrical problems go, email me. miketastic1982@yahoo.com

I own a couple of mark V's and IV's, and have seen some freaky electrical stuff; maybe I can help.

1st May 2012, 21:16

I have a mint condition 1979 Bill Blass Edition Mark V with 58,419 miles on it. I've been told it would go for over $100k. You sound like you're knowledgeable on this stuff. What do you think I could get for this model?

2nd May 2012, 18:25

Was the person who told you that you could get $100,000 for a 1979 Lincoln with over 50,000 miles sober at the time??? You would be lucky to get 15-20 K. Probably more like 8-12.

2nd May 2012, 20:55

Someone with more money than brains would pay 100K for any Lincoln! A frame-off restored 50's or older model would fetch more money than a 60's-present model in comparable condition. The bottom line is... A car is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it. You can list your car for sale for a ridiculously high price, but don't expect many inquiries...

3rd Sep 2013, 11:12

I'm looking to purchase a Mark V as something I could enjoy on the weekend. I've checked the online sites (Hemmings, AutoTrader Classics, etc.) and it appears there are some good condition cars around for reasonable money.

My main concern about buying a Mark is the cost to maintain. Are there specific potential problem areas I should ask the seller about mechanically (powertrain, brakes, electrical)?

I don't want to get in over my head on something like this, as I'm not what some would say the most mechanically inclined person around. So I am looking for some advice as to whether or not I should go ahead with buying a Mark V?

7th Sep 2013, 00:00

"Are there specific potential problem areas I should ask the seller about mechanically (powertrain, brakes, electrical)?"

Ask for maintenance records! If they haven't kept any, I would be hesitant. If the car hasn't been well-kept, it will cost you more money to get it back up to par.

23rd Mar 2015, 01:19

I have a 1979 Mark V with not one single problem. I will never sell it, I will leave it to my Grandson as he loves it dearly and wants to own it one day.

Alive in Tennessee.

2nd May 2015, 14:37

I agree... my steering box had to be replaced on my Mark V at 30,000 miles.

19th Jul 2015, 19:36

I have a 1979 Mark V with 70,000 miles. I am a snow bird and the car sits for about 7 months. When I got home this time, I had very little brakes, pedal went clear to the floor. Most of the fluid had leaked out. Filled it up, still no power brakes. Did not lose power steering. This is the first time this has happened in 16 years that I have been a snow bird. Any ideas?

20th Jul 2015, 11:14

Brake fluid, or PS fluid? Make sure you didn't develop a leak at the steering gear box, which will leak PS fluid and cause the symptoms that you're talking about, as these cars use the PS pump to also power the brakes.

It's called Hydroboost.

You'll usually see drops of PS fluid right underneath the driver's side area of the frame that might be soaking wet. Sometimes you can't even tell it's leaking.

I had similar problems, pedal went to the floor, but in my case, it was the master cylinder as brake fluid was leaking on the booster. Once replaced, the brakes went back to normal. Pretty common issue on these Lincolns.

Also as wonderful as these Lincolns are, there's so many vacuum lines that can develop leaks in the engine compartment and underneath the dash over time that will cause drivability and HVAC issues. It can be a pain in the butt to diagnose. So keep on eye on your vacuum lines!

20th Jul 2015, 14:53

My first thought is that you have a front brake hose that has failed due to dry rot from being so old.

The next choice would be that the seal in one of the wheel cylinders blew out, in which case you should see brake fluid leaking out of one of the wheels, probably rear.

Finally, one of the metal brake lines may have rusted through at a pin hole rust point, as brake fluid retains moisture and lines can rust from the inside out. Just look for where the brake fluid is pooling on the ground under the car. There is no connection between the power steering system and power brake system.

20th Jul 2015, 19:32

You need to check the entire brake system. With cars that sit for long periods in storage, even collector cars, it's a common occurrence.

14th Apr 2016, 21:01

I just bought a 78 Mark V. Mostly to replace my 79 Delta 88 that was stolen from me after I had just made her tip top mechanically in 95 when I was 18. Since then I have completely become "the Ford man". She's not a special series, but has the 460 and only has 48000 miles. Once I sat in her, I felt like I was 18 again, but only better. She is a Ford. Awesome!

15th Apr 2016, 12:46

"There is no connection between the power steering system and power brake system."

Completely wrong for any car (like this one) that has the Hydroboost system, which has been around since 1973!

10th Aug 2016, 02:12

I have the same exact problem; the car kinda shudders when ya let off. Same car too. I'd love some answers.