1991 Lincoln Mark VII LSC 5.0 302 from North America


A solid well-built interstate cruiser


Power door locks- replaced by me (easy)

Alternator- Went out just after the 50,000 mile warranty expired.

General Comments:

Excellent car. I wish I hadn't sold it. Drove it for 9 years with only minor repairs.

Compared to newer cars the interior isn't very roomy or well laid out. The cup holders were almost worthless and interior space wasn't the best.

Overall is was very pleased with the car.

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Review Date: 3rd January, 2003

1991 Lincoln Mark VII Bill Blass 5.0 HO from North America


It's like a muscle car with class!


I bought the car for $350.00. It has it's share of problems.

Passenger side window will not operate. The switch is busted.

Mirrors don't work. Again the switch. These switches are cleverly mounted right under the cup holders. I wonder what could have killed them?

Front seats are torn.

The water pump gasket was leaking. A new water pump cost $20.00 with the gasket. While I had it apart I also changed the radiator hoses.

Power antenna doesn't go up or down fully.

The previous owner replaced the entire electrical system. Alternator, voltage regulator, battery, starter, wires and terminals. The battery was still not charging when I bought it. The problem turned out to be a bad wire connector at the voltage regulator.

The engine has been replaced.

The transmission has been replaced.

The power locks are broke.

The previous owner also carefully repaired one of the exhaust pipes with a saws-all. So the next step is a high performance exhaust system. Has anyone out there done this? Maybe they can give me some pointers.

General Comments:

The car is rough around the edges, but, the body is in good shape and it runs strong.

For $350.00 it was a great buy.

With the new engine, transmission and a K&N filter-charger the car flies. You don't want to get on the side of it with a stock Mustang or Camaro. My car looks stock, but it will blow your doors off.

Next up is a new stereo. The stock head unit has been change in favor of an Alpine 4 volt model. I am still using the stock amp that comes with the car, but that will be changed out for an Alpine 3554 soon enough. It will also have 2 12" woofers in an aperiodic enclosure. The front end will be treated to an MB Quart 3 way component set.

While I have all the wiring exposed I will also put in a new security system. It will feature remote control over the locks, windows, trunk release, fuel filler release and a remote starter. The only problem with this is that the car comes with a security system. I'm sure that making them play nice together will be a chore. Any tips in this area will be a big help.

Overall I love the car for its options as well as its power. It's like a muscle car with class and technology.

The perfect blank canvas for my next street machine project.

Oh, yeah. Mr. Bond, you better put that Aston Martin away. I'm coming for you next.

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Review Date: 1st December, 2002