1991 Lincoln Mark VII LSC 5.0 HO 302 V8 from North America


LSC says it all!!!


One of the options that tends to always go bad is the power window and mirror switches. Of course they are placed under the pop out cup holder. I think that's just a design flaw!

My air ride has a leak.

The over head comp. and temp. display doesn't work.

The heat and air stopped working.

General Comments:

Ever thing else works fine.

This car is very fast!!

It handles great!!

The cabin is very comfortable.

Body design looks great.

Parts for this car have dropped in price.

There are lots of after market upgrades.

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Review Date: 23rd November, 2006

1991 Lincoln Mark VII LSC 5.0 High Output 302 from North America


This car is the rich mans Mustang!


When I first got the car it needed a new voltage regulator.

Replaced battery after the voltage regulator.

Replaced front brakes and rotors.

Need to replace the moon roof siwtch. Switch was broken when I got the car. Can't seem to find one anywhere.

Clear coat paint on the car started to peel as do most older Ford vehicles do.

General Comments:

I love my 91 Lincoln Mark VII LSC. (Luxury Sport Coupe) It's my first car and plan on keeping it for the rest of my life and handing it down to the next generation of my family.

Extremely fast for such a heavy car. Handles very well and beats other cars at the stop light just about every time I really nail the gas.

Repainted the car. Was Burgundy, now it's really glossy black. Turns a lot of heads. I guess since I'm only 17, people don't expect to see such a young guy in such a big luxurious car. A lot of people probably see the car and think very nice, but very slow. That's definatley not the case because everything under the Mark VII's hood, is identical to that of an older mustang.

I love my Mark VII and I'll never let it go. I recommend the VII to anybody who likes big fast cars. I believe in the future these cars will be classified as true Muscle Cars.

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Review Date: 29th July, 2005

9th Aug 2005, 15:10

The Mark VII is a better version of the T-Bird. The T-Bird and the Mark VII do resemble each other, but the Mark VII looks better inside and out. Most Ford Vehicles resemble each other, Mustang, Capri. Mark VII, Bird. Town Car, Crown Victoria. It doesn't matter, they're all the same. The Mark VIII is just long and ugly. Whoever wrote the comment saying the mark VII is a tarted version of the T-Bird, take it out on Ford, not the writer of the review. I have a 92 Mark VII LSC, and I plan on keeping mine for the rest of my life to.

1991 Lincoln Mark VII lsc 5.0 from North America


Nice luxury sports car


Replaced rear shocks. broken cup holder. sway bar bushings.

General Comments:

Car is very reliable. started every day in below freezing weather after sitting outside for days. also very fast. there is no place to set down things for driver. keys, sunglasses, etc. everything falls when you turn.

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Review Date: 29th February, 2004

1991 Lincoln Mark VII Lsc 5.0L from North America


An excellent car


When the car was bought, it was is mint condition. After a year the passenger side window motor froze, the moonroof motor froze, the power locks stopped working. Many thing in the electronic system's had to be replaced. The driver side leather seat started to wear really badly.

General Comments:

The cars performance is unbelievable. With the newer 5.0L and transmission the car runs better then new. The car runs even better with 2 3/4 flow master with a fender cold air induction system.

The car is very comfortable and very fast.

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Review Date: 25th March, 2003

28th May 2003, 21:47

How did you add the cold air induction.

5th Nov 2004, 10:34

You do not need to add cold air induction it comes stock on every 1991 mark vii LSC.

31st Dec 2011, 10:03

I have had a Mustang, and they are a little faster than the LSCs, but when it comes down to it, it's a lot better car. Have you ever rode in a Mustang? Very rough ride, and on the inside, they're just bare bones.