1993 Lincoln Mark VIII 4.6 DOHC from North America


Might sell it if offered $50,000, just to buy 5 more


Front air suspension converted to 93 Thunderbird springs $150.

Rear air suspension converted from Suncore Ind. $250.

Alternator due to upgraded sound system $200.

Seized waterpump $100 + new belt $25.

New battery $135.

Headlights converted to hid projectors from a Rolls $375.

Tires around 600 for New yoks.

Tie rods 100.

Lower control arms 180.

Strut rod bushings 70.

Front and rear sway bar links 300.

Upper control arms from Thunderbird 150.

Factory amplifier's electrolytic capacitors all blew, causing static type sound (they have a limited life).

General Comments:

Alright, so before you think that the list of things that have gone wrong is a lot, you must keep in mind that it has 225,000 km on the clock now. The car has overall been very reliable, nothing wrong until 190,000 when the water pump seized. I drive it very hard, and take it up to the cottage every weekend in summer (500 km of very rough roads, mostly pot holed dirt). Most of the suspension parts I replaced because one small thing went wrong, and I decided to do the whole front at the same time instead of fixing it later.

The alternator blew, because instead of fixing the stock systems amp, I upgraded to a uber powerful sub/amp with 4 component speakers to another amp (total 2500 watts).

I absolutely love this car, it's by far the best car I own, and that's saying a lot as I own quite a few. I love how comfortable it is, it handles like it's on rails. The acceleration is very good for a vehicle of its weight and size, it has a very nice growl to it under wide open throttle. The second gear bark is fun too, but be careful on wet days as it could spin you right around going 100 KMH, which is scary. You also really have to think before you give it the beans, as the first gear goes to 100 so you need to make sure you have enough space. It absolutely seems to fly when overtaking on the highway; once I realize I'm going a bit fast, I am at 170 KMH.

The only complaint about the ride and handling is in winter time, it's terrible even with snows or ice tires on; I have tried Firestone Winterforce, Michelin Xice 2 and Blizzaks. They were all a fail.

I found out that if you need front suspension parts, then a Ford Thunderbird of the same year has the exact same ones (they are half the price of mark parts). This only applies if you have changed to coil springs, as the air ride needs the balls on the upper control arm and lower for the height sensor.

I will keep this car until rust eats away the whole body or I crash it. I may even use it as my coffin when I die.

BTW my other cars include a 911 turbo, a Cadi DTS, new CTSV (second favourite), a Charger SRT8 and my old Plymouth Prowler (third favourite), just to put in perspective of how much I truly love this car.

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Review Date: 22nd June, 2011

22nd Jun 2011, 16:42

OK man, we get you love your Lincoln, I love my Mark V also, but your previous car was a Buick Regal, and you list all those top end cars as the "other cars you have?" I smell some pipe dreams...

Oh and 100 kmh in first with over 200k kmh on the clock? Yeah keep doing that and you're going to need an engine loooonnnggg before it rusts out! I'm not sure that's even possible... but hey, have fun living the dream!!

30th Jun 2011, 11:05

The Buick Regal was also my first car, in which I purchased myself with no help. The other cars I stated that I own are actually my dads, but I get free use out of them whenever I want and I'm an only child, so one day I will have them in my name. Yes I was fibbing a bit about whose they are, but who cares? I still get to drive them as if they are currently mine...

And yes the Lincoln Mark 8 with 225/60r16 tires go to 100km/hr in first gear, with 215/60r16s they go to 92km/hr in first. Type 93 Lincoln Mark VIII 0 to 60 into the youtube search bar; is a video proof enough?

24th May 2012, 17:38

Update: I crashed it on December 11th, search the video mark viii crash on Youtube for the video. I will fix it though, insurance gave me 3500 for it, but I bought it back for 500, so I can upgrade it with the extra 2k.

1st Jul 2014, 22:23

You should have sold it for $50K when you had the chance...

1993 Lincoln Mark VIII 4.6 V8 from North America


Semi-hand made lincoln, and it behaved like it


As a car enthusiast, I can tell you I was excited to buy it. The Cobra engine was the main reason I wanted it. But, it was a very disappointing experience. The question should be what went right with the car.

Transmission control unit was the first failure.

Next came all the air suspension issues.

Once the air bags were replaced, the air compressor went, and once that was replaced, the air condenser failed, etc.. I finally converted the car over to standard springs (just before I sold it it).

Other issues included electronic gremlins, which affected every aspect of the car.

General Comments:

This Mark VIII was SO UNRELIABLE that I actually talked myself into buying what appeared to be a pristine twin to it at a local dealer, thinking that at the very least, I could use the first one as a parts car for the newer one. How could I end up with two bad Mark VIII's? Turns out the newer Lincoln ended up being just as bad as the first.

Very disappointing experience. I've driven a 25 year old Lancia that was more reliable. The only positive part of the car was its engine, which I wish I could have transplanted into a more enjoyable vehicle.

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Review Date: 17th January, 2011

3rd Dec 2011, 02:43

Owned one too, and it was terrible. Lincoln should have been put out of business for making the Mark VIII.

7th Dec 2011, 00:34

Well I own one too, and it has been extremely reliable in the over 10 years I've owned it. I completely disagree with the reviewer and the comment above.

The Mark VIII is an excellent luxury sport coupe, and I wish Lincoln would make a new Mark series coupe, instead of the crap they're turning out these days.

6th Jan 2012, 08:36

I own a 93 Mark too, I have only had three problems with the car since I have owned it; the alternator blew because of deteriorated battery cables, a clicking noise from the front sway bar joints, and the airbags, which I replaced with Thunderbird parts.

Overall, it has been the most reliable car I have owned, it has never left me stranded once. All of these parts broke around the same time at 225,000 km.

You should do some research on markviii.org to find out the common problems with the car before you buy it, to check them out on the car ahead of time.

7th Jan 2012, 00:11

Lincoln should have gone out of business for this car, when according to Carsurvey 85% of owners would happily buy another one?

Dreams are free, stick with your Honda.

1st Feb 2012, 23:57

Hi all, I wrote the original review, and it was hard to believe I was unlucky enough to get two lemons. I have experience with many exotic cars, some worth 10x what the Mark VIII cost new, and I got to say the Mark VIII was not worth the effort. Way too high maintenance, for what it offered. And that's probably the real sad reason why Lincoln discontinued it in '98, and still hasn't introduced a replacement. As a car guy, I got to say, if I had to choose between a Honda and a Mark VIII, I'd take the Honda, and I think that's says it all.

17th Oct 2012, 21:01

It does say it all: that you're sick of making mechanics rich.