1993 Lincoln Mark VIII 4.6 from North America


Best used car value out there


The alternator went out at 73,000 miles The alternator went out again at 80,000 miles, however it was replaced free by the mechanic who replaced it. Buttons on the climate control are cracked. There is a mysterious rattle coming from the right rear of the car that I can't seem to locate. The torque converter has developed a shudder at 84,000 miles.

General Comments:

The car is very comfortable and it has 280 horsepower. I always get comments on the well designed interior. The headlights on the 93 to 95's are very poor, most will need to add a set of driving lights.

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Review Date: 28th October, 2004

17th Aug 2005, 09:53

There is a small rubber bushing that holds the top of the rear strut. This bushing breaks and lets the strut rattle. Replace the bushing ($10 part) and eliminate the rattle.

8th Oct 2005, 14:23

I just bought a '93 Mark VIII with 98K miles on it, and am very interested in your collected comments. I can't wait to open it up on the highway. A couple things I'm having my mechanic look at that you all might have experience with: the overdrive switch doesn't engage, the radio (doesn't have 10-CD changer) doesn't work even though it's plugged in (probably just get a new one), the buttons are cracked on the AC unit. Any suggestions? -MarkE.

1993 Lincoln Mark VIII from North America


Good value and performance, but expensive to repair


25,000 km, a computer board that controlled starting the car blew. Repaired under warranty.

40,000 km, tires went bald!

65,000 km, front end bearings went. The first indication was the car developed bad vibrations in the steering wheel that got progressively worse. Expensive repair.

70,000 km, my oil pan started rusting and dripping. Local garage repaired it. Still fine today.

80,000 km, the alternator went. Repaired and replaced by the dealer. Lasted 13 months and blew again. This really upset me. Dealer damaged a pipe with green fluid in it. They replaced it at a discounted price.

85,000 km, air conditioner began to leak. My horn and cruise control stopped working. Nothing wrong with them. Something in the steering column is was working properly and had to be replaced. I was not happy with this.

90,000 km, replaced a exhaust pipe. Had it done privately, was cheaper then having the dealer do it.

90,000 km All the buttons on my temperature control panel have cracked. The plastic has gone brittle and little and very unsightly holes have developed in the buttons.

100,000 km, replaced tires again.

104,000 km, compressor and a number of valves blew. This repair was $1,400. The compressor turned on and would not shut off.

General Comments:

First, let me start this by stating I believe this is the best car I have ever purchased. I feel I have received good value for the money spent, but it is an expensive car to repair.

I do not do a lot of driving and I am surprised that the parts that have gone, have gone so soon. The original tires were garbage.

The cracked buttons on my console is a major surprise for a luxury car of this stature. I was expecting more.

The little lights on my temperature control wheel burned out just after the warranty expired.

The oil temperature gage blew out just after the warranty expired as well. The on board computer that does a system check always displays this error. I have not repaired it as it is a $3 part and $500 to repair and serves no purpose I can see.

The car has a wonderful ride. Beautiful leather seats, but the trunk is too small in my opinion. My wife always complained from day one it should have had two cup holders.

I have not replaced the spark plugs yet, but they are also a fortune to do!!

All in all, I have been very happy with the purchase.

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Review Date: 18th April, 2004

28th Aug 2004, 19:11

It seems that an awful lot went wrong on this car for you and yet you say it was a wonderful buy. How so?

7th Jul 2013, 23:24

When you summarize, you see years in a few paragraphs.

The alternator, a 10-15 minute job, I replaced with a Bosch for $100.

The buttons were very thin and did crack. Lincolns of Distinction has a simple repair.

Air ride, struts are $500 US.

Rear trunk; plenty big for my wife and I.

Cup holders; it needs more.

I never had to replace my airbags.

It drove like wow! I loved that car.

The peeling on the door, oh well.

That was the best driving car, bar none.

Ford engineers took it to Bonneville, and stock it went 180+ mph. Me, I just cruised mine at 100 mph for an hour or so.

P.s. If you launch off train tracks, the rearview mirror may dangle by a cord upon landing. Mirror glue = 99 cents. The drive is priceless.