1994 Lincoln Mark VIII 4.6L 32V 4 cam from North America


A beautiful car with "canned muscle".


With regular oil changes and general maintenance, this Mark VIII has been unmatched from all autos previously owned.

No major or minor problems have been noted.

General Comments:

This is a very powerful, comfortable and reliable car.

Pearl paint with gray leather interior. A real head turner.

Can challenge anything on the road. Great torque and acceleration at both low and top speed.

Comfort unmatched.

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Review Date: 17th August, 2003

1994 Lincoln Mark VIII mark 8 4.6 32 valve from North America


A great American made road car


My doors freeze shut on moist winter days. Have needed to replace both door locks. Right passenger window switch won't go up.

General Comments:

I love this cars performance on the highway. It is quick and gets great gas mileage. It has been very reliable so far. The seats are comfy and the interior is stylish.

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Review Date: 20th February, 2003

25th Apr 2003, 00:44

I live in Nashville and up to now I have enjoyed the 94mark only because a wall jumped out in front of me I no longer ride with a smile... However the power of a car this size with just a 4.6QUADcamV8 is a thing to behold. The Trace is not to far from my house and I have many a Sunday afternoon spent well in the mark. I like to ride with the air-ride off I seem to feel the road a little better like that. The mark is not only an all-round best buy for a ford man, but a sure safe bet should you have a problem... WITH WALLS I MEAN... overall from a man who has had 16 cars&trucks &24 wrecks.. I GIVE IT A -8.5- a few points off because I had to spend 2grand on air ride so it would not drag the ground and the back brake lights kept going out. This stuff is to be expected however when one buys an 8to10 yr old car!! I miss it very much -- be SAFE and enjoy/THE BANDIT.

1994 Lincoln Mark VIII 4.6 V8 from North America


The Mark VIII: Modern American Muscle


I had the heater core replaced at 93000 miles because it only put out cold air.

General Comments:

This car is the most comfortable I have ever been in. The leather seats are plush and soft. Cruising on the free way at 90 miles per hour it is just as smooth as driving 30 miles per hour.

The Mark VIII has serious acceleration. I do not have any performance upgrades done, and I can burn the tires every time.

Lincoln used high quality paint. My car is almost 10 years old, and I get comments on it all the time.

This car is a modern piece of American Muscle.

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Review Date: 19th January, 2003

7th Sep 2004, 18:55

I totally agree with you on this car, it is very comfortable, and easy to handle. I just got it as my first car, and I am very happy to have it.

1994 Lincoln Mark VIII LSC 4.6L DOHC V8 from North America


Style, comfort, a high performance bargain


Tachometer not working since purchase.

Cruise control quit working at 85000 miles.

Air ride system went out at 105000, presently undergoing repair.

General Comments:

This car is amazingly quick, and will easily take on anything on the road.

She shines like a brand new car in the original rose mist color, nick named "Priscilla, Queen of the highway", her windows have been tinted to keep her driver anonymous to the world.

Chrome wheels, power moon roof, 10 disc CD changer, and built in phone. what else could you ask for in a car.

Comfortable seats with lumbar supports, starting to show a little age on the driver side.

Very roomy and comfortable, especially on long trips, although a little shallow in the trunk space. No need for heavy packing.

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Review Date: 14th October, 2002

22nd Oct 2003, 06:17

I replaced my 94 Mk 8 air with springs in the rear and McPherson struts in the front. No more air ride, no more problems. I bought them from Strutmasters.com, but I think you could replace with struts from Tbird.

8th Nov 2004, 10:28

Hello I just bought a mark 8 and love it. Its green with tan interior. It also came with a built in phone. If anyone reads this the phone in the car is not hooked up and would love to hook it up so I can use it. If anyone knows who will give me service for this car phone will you please e-mail me at shilinga1@sbcglobal.net and tell me who to call to get service hooked up. I thank you very much. Rick.

1994 Lincoln Mark VIII from North America


Smooth, powerful, and stylish


Driver side mirror power stopped working. Had to have it replaced with a used mirror. Very delicate motor.

Front suspension seems to need repair. The front of the car will "deflate" if left to sit more than 6 hours. However, within 2 or 3 minutes of starting the car, it always re-inflates itself.

Windshield wiper motors had to be replaced with rebuilt ones as they would not recede when turned to the off position (which made driving difficult at night with the wipers in the field of view).

General Comments:

There isn't a smoother highway car in existence. This car was built to run effortlessly at 70 to 80 MPH, and still get +/-25 mpg. Just set the cruise and let it glide. (perhaps the Auto-bond would be a better place to drive it).

Black on Black. This car always gets comments on it's looks (the 96' wheels help)..."is that a brand new car?" no, it's almost 10 years old.

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Review Date: 9th July, 2002