6th Aug 2016, 05:41

93 black on black Mark 8.

Had 106k on the clock when I purchased it. Drove like butter, had the vinyl on the back window ripple. Yet it never leaked.

The sunroof, was nice, cruising 80mph, little noise, but closed perfect.

Interior seats were #1 in comfort out of 250 cars... I never fatigued on long drives. If I needed to get out, it wasn't because my ass or legs hurt. Like the Q45... but it was nice.

The alternator went out, & as I recall it was the original. No matter, $100 bucks for a Bosch high output, loosen belt, remove 3 bolts & a plug in, & 15 minutes later I'm done. Buying it took longer. The air bags never gave me a problem, but I understand it's a 30 minute job per side for a complete amateur. The latch on the armrest broke. I replaced the trans fluid etc, when I bought it, & shredded through the vast HOT S Calif desert to Laughlin & Vegas, in absolute comfort.

It had Cooper tires on it; I think a comparable priced Michelin would have been a better choice. But that's what was on it when I bought it.

Oh yeah, after 3 years, the A/C stopped, so I added a few oz of refrigerant & never looked back.

My brother bought a 2006 Honda Accord, & we did a fair unbiased MPG rating... You don't need to believe it, but they both got 26 in the city, & I routinely got 30 MPG highway going 70; my best was 33.

The one I had was extremely reliable. Unless you call an alternator failure a failure of Lincoln.

P.s. the rear view mirror did come off, after I purposely floored it from a dead stop, & launched a nice set of train tracks at 65-70 mph, it landed beautifully, but the mirror came off. So a 1.99 part & a few minutes, it was put back.

I drove it for another year after the launch. I smoked some tires, like billowing in front of a very understanding police officer in Azusa ca. He was directly behind me, gave me the no no, & drove away...

Best car? I love em, if you have basic skills, you won't need a mechanic,. Maybe that's why it was discontinued..? You never know nowadays. Who killed the electric car... Drive safe. If you launch, make sure no one's around... LMAO.

7th Aug 2016, 10:58

That's called street exhibition. I got one of those fine tickets in one of my Corvettes. Leaving a cruise night. Well deserved.