2007 Lincoln MKZ from North America


Lots of repairs once the loan is paid off


Rims don’t hold air so they needed refinishing ($200 per rim).

Airbag recall and airbag light is on.

Suspension noise because parts need replacing.

Seized brake caliper.

Rear defroster.

General Comments:

Once I finished paying off the car, lots of things started breaking. It needs ball joints and control arms replaced ($1400). I had one hub assembly replaced ($400) because the wheel was making a wobbly wheel sound.

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Review Date: 22nd April, 2019

23rd Apr 2019, 19:30

Your title summary is misleading. You did not buy the car new and pay it off in 3-4 years -- you bought it 11 years old with 250K km on it. Any car that old, with that much mileage, is going to need repairs, perhaps a lot, depending on how it was maintained previously!

23rd Apr 2019, 19:40

Put some RTV silicone around the bead of the tires and remount them. Any shop with a tire changer can do it. Sure beats having the rims redone at $200 a piece.

24th Apr 2019, 18:57

Who finances an 11-year old car? Must have been a B-H/P-H lot.

2013 Lincoln MKZ Ecoboost Select 2.0L turbo from North America


Smooth, comfortable and competent


Rear shocks clattered - dealer replaced under warranty.

Stereo amplifier malfunction - dealer replaced under warranty.

General Comments:

A smooth, efficient, comfortable and stylish car. Handles exceptionally well, not what you'd expect from a company that used to sell Town Cars. Extremely comfortable and quiet over long trips, sips fuel and the 11 speaker stereo is fantastic!

Many compliments on the car's appearance, which looks new despite its 4 years of age.

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Review Date: 26th June, 2017

27th Jun 2017, 21:43

"not what you'd expect from a company that used to sell Town Cars"

Question is, can the MKZ withstand the test of time, high mileage and reliability that a Town Car is capable of?

2007 Lincoln MKZ 3.5 from North America


Too expensive to own for the average driver


All wheel drive power transfer unit failed at under 130k.

Rear wheel driveshaft failed at under 90k.

One ignition coil failed at 80k.

Wire corroded and failed under fuse box in engine compartment (poor design).

Rotors and brake pads have been replaced twice.

Emission control valve failed at 130k.

Required repaint on hood and around the front windshield at 6 years 9 (100k).

General Comments:

This car had never seen winter until I purchased it coming off lease and had always been dealer serviced. I am a maintenance fanatic, and on purchase rustproofed and did a complete bumper to bumper service of the vehicle.

It was driven year round by my wife for 4 years until she felt that it was time to buy a new vehicle; bought a new all wheel drive Toyota as she did not feel that another Lincoln was worth the money, and I agreed.

I am now driving the car as a winter vehicle only, as I feel that I will only get my money's worth if I can make this car last; it at the moment has very little rust because of extreme maintenance, and mechanically is adequate, but there is a noise coming from the back that I think is a half shaft constant velocity joint failing at 140k, which is really an unacceptable failure. Previous mechanical failures pointed to manufacture defects which Ford would not acknowledge, and the local dealer didn't help or care.

The quality of this car does not justify the price tag; it would be a good buy at about half of the price tag so you could afford the repair costs. Would not recommend this car to anyone who is not able to do their own work and get good prices on repair parts.

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Review Date: 2nd March, 2016

2012 Lincoln MKZ Base AWD 3.5 from North America


I really love this car. If the reliability holds the same as most of them, I will own it a long time


Nothing so far.

General Comments:

I originally wanted a Town Car, as I love the ride, but when I was able to get this MKZ for a great deal, the test drive showed me that the ride was almost as smooth, but with better handling as the car is lighter and has a slightly stiffer suspension. The AWD offered was also a plus.

My MKZ has plenty of power... from a dead stop or for passing. It has cooled/heated seats that are very comfortable, navigation, satellite radio, Bluetooth, folding rear seats, elegant styling inside and out, and all the options I wanted. The reliability of the MKZ model is well known.

Every time I drive it, I marvel at the blend of power, handling and comfort it delivers. It looks awesome to boot. I love the classic Lincoln styling of the 2012 vs the 2013/2014s.

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Review Date: 24th October, 2014