24th Feb 2007, 18:14

Considering all the recent problems with Toyota, Honda and Nissan, I doubt Lincoln is playing "catch up". Actually, at this point it is the imports who need to do the catching up.

25th Feb 2007, 02:41

Quarter million miles on a Town Car that is, don't know about any V-6. You might have the fly by wire throttle or whatever its called that might cause hesitation in acceleration. I recently tested a 2007 Grand Marquis and noticed this, it wasn't as bad of a problem as people say.

25th Feb 2007, 21:47

NO. NO. NO. NO. We are NOT going to stray from comments about the MKZ like on the Zephyr post with over 100 ridiculous comments. No more import vs. domestic arguments PLEASE!! There is not much to argue anymore as they all have about the same number of problems, which are much less than they all had, say, 20 years ago. Ford and GM have made big improvements in the last couple of years. Yes, Toyota, Honda, and Nissan have had some dull moments, but I would not say that they are junk because of 50 unsatisfied customers out of millions.

My comment about the MKZ: I want one!! It is soooo sharp and I can tell just by looking at it that the quality is WAY better than some Lincolns of the past, namely the pre-1995 Continental. My only gripe with the MKZ is that the beige interior comes with the light wood whereas I would prefer darker wood. The black interior is a little bit too severe.

28th Feb 2007, 21:51

The MKZ is without doubt the best car Lincoln has ever built. Being based on the bullet-proof Fusion platform and offering a luxurious and yet sporty ride, it is one great car. The AWD is going to be a big hit with the snow-belt crowd, and as far as performance goes I think it has ample power. I want one too!! My family has owned Town Cars and never had one second's trouble with any, even the older ones back in the early 80's, but times are changing and the MKZ is very relevant to today's drivers who want a bit more luxury than the Fusion offers.

1st Mar 2007, 09:08

What is your definition of bullet-proof?? The Fusion has only been out for 2 years so that proves nothing. The Civic, Accord, and Camry can say they are bulletproof because they have been out for about 20 years, but not the Fusion. Whether the Fusion becomes a good car or not is anyone's guess, but do not call it bullet-proof as it has proven nothing yet.

1st Mar 2007, 23:24

When I said "catching up" I was referring to brands like Mercedes, Lexus, BMW, Infiniti fit, finish, technology, engineering, quality and craftsmanship. The MKZ is a step in the right direction. A sense of direction domestic automakers lacked during the last decade. I don't care where my car is coming from America, Europe, Asia it just has to be the best and I'll call a spade a spade. Then again a lot of Japanese in the MKZ, Mazda 6 chasis, Aisin 6 speed automatic transmission. A lot of car for the money and very well executed. Kudos to Lincoln!

7th Mar 2007, 16:06

Congratulations on your purchase!! I certainly hope they worked out whatever unresolved issue that I am having with my Zephyr so that it doesn't occur with the MKZ. I still don't understand the name change because the car is ultimately the same, less the grille change and AWD. I hope the AWD helps if you live in a snowy climate. It does not drive well in the Cleveland snow at all.

2nd May 2007, 00:32

Original Author: I've recently sold the MK-Z for a Supercharged Crown Victoria Police Interceptor. The V8 and RWD although antiquated by the MK-Z' standards brings a big 'ol grin to my face when I stomp on the throttle. Don't get me wrong I loved the MK-Z what a great car!! I even managed to get it sideways in a high speed drift with all four wheels sliding (traction control engaged). At first it was a bit scary in the snow and ice (here in Montreal, Canada) even dangerous with the TC disengaged, but a little common sense goes a long way! It got a lot of positive attention from the ladies and respect on the road. But my CVPI flat out has got balls.

19th Aug 2007, 11:24

I thought MKZ (Lincoln) was based on the Ford World Platform of Mazda 6, not on Fusion as the other post mentioned.

4th Jan 2008, 14:34

Fusion and Mazda6 are based on the same platform, so are the MKZ and Milan. And just because a car (See Honda Accord, Toyota Camry, et al, have been out 20 years doesn't mean the CURRENT generation is reliable. Each generation must stand on its own unless it is a carryover from the previous generation.

Accord and Camry have come out with several different platforms since the 80s and should be that way. Otherwise, why buy a new one? However, besides produced by the same manufacturer and share the same name with some retained handling and ride characteristics, each gen may not have any resemblance to each other. I don't think it's fair to call any car bullet-proof, but to say a model has been 20 years running makes the current car more reliable is GROSSLY overstated. Toyota Camry has had its fair share of recalls, so much for your 20 years bullet-proof model.

And the MKZ is a nice addition, though in order to be serious is its luxury segment, it does need to be RWD with AWD option. Leave the FWD to Ford and Mercury.

28th Jan 2008, 22:57

Not that it isn't already an awesome car, but I was excited to read that the MKZ will be getting a 300+ horsepower turbo-charged engine soon. It already has far better build quality than all imports, now it will also be more powerful.

I, too, prefer rear wheel drive and have wished Lincoln would go with a rear drive MKZ.

25th Apr 2008, 23:21

I'm very excited about Ford's plans to ditch their gas-hungry (and nowadays irrelevant) V-8s in the Mustangs in favor of a new twin-turbo V-6. The 6 will offer the same power, but will be much more fuel efficient and offer better weight balance in the cars due to lighter weight. I can really go for the idea of a twin-turbo, rear drive MKZ.

Chrysler has gone back to rear drive in the Charger and 300, and the extra complication, expense and poor handling of front drive cars is turning many people back to rear drive vehicles. Our rear drives have always handled much better in snow than any of our front drives.

4th Apr 2009, 17:01

From the original review - "The power is smooth, but lags because the engine has to spool up to 6500 RPMs and push all 4 wheels. The 3.5 V6 delivers adequate power 263HP and 249 lbs/ft torque"

I have a 2009 MKZ AWD and I agree that at low speeds there is not as much acceleration as you might expect from a 3.5 L engine. Above 30 mph, you do get the full benefit of the bigger engine. What I have read is that is due to the transmission management software being designed to protect the transmission from damage. But in the 2010 MKZ that has just come out, the low speed acceleration supposedly is improved. I can hardly wait to take a test drive, but our local dealer has only stocked FWD models.