1999 Lincoln Navigator from North America


Sharp, Rides Well, High Maintenance


Let me preface this by saying the looks & ride of the Lincoln Navigator are what drew us in. The interior creature comforts, heated & cool seats, front & rear controls for just about everything under the sun were impressive. It does ride like a luxury SUV just glides across the road & you feel safe.

That said having owned this beast for the better part of 6 years I wouldn't buy another. Yes, I put 100, 000 miles on it I would fully expect any SUV could handle that mileage & most of these were true highway miles. The ongoing cost of owning the Navigator has proved more expensive than my other SUV's.

At 80,000 miles the A/C went. This is NO ordinary repair - equate it to major surgery with a bill to match. The entire dash, console, driver & passenger seats had to be removed. The repair took 3 weeks & cost $2300. btw you have to have most repairs done at the dealer because other than regular maintenance NO ONE else will touch this SUV.

Tires 2 kinds only = a set of 4 will set you back $800- 1100.

The odometer light is possessed. Will flick off & on without rhyme or reason. Same is true of the ABS lights. Had this bugger in the shop repeatedly to have the brakes checked with nothing wrong.

The seat memory switch has Alzheimer's. The suspension bumps & grinds it's way back down moments after shutting off the ignition often producing a Quasimoto hunch over effect from the rear. I'd have the geniuses at Lincoln take a look at it if I had any confidence in their ability. For now, it's bearable although somewhat sad to view.

The keyless entry works well, but mostly I use my fob which btw if you need a replacement will set you back $100+. Only a Lincoln dealer can issue you a new key- there's a microchip in the Lincoln key that will allow the engine to turn over. You pay dearly for the key chip @$70 EACH.

At 122000 the stering is starting to slip, this will probably be another major repair. I'll probably trade it in first.

The cargo area is embarrassingly narrow. For a $44000 suv it is ridiculous that I can't fit more than 8 bags in the cargo area. I often have to put groceries in the passenger & second row seating area much to the amusement of large trunk hybrid owners.

The gas mph. lol lol lol It's a luxury suv, if you have to ask you can't afford it.

General Comments:

As much complaining as I do about the Navigator it rides as smooth as can be- the interior is fantastically comfortable on long trips. The seats fold flat for storage easily & there's plenty of room for my family of 5. I like the overhead compass, miles per gallon indicator, compass etc.

I LOVE the steering wheel controls esp the a/c, heat & music CD, Radio, Cassette = I don't have to reach for anything. The ride is impressive, but overall the Navigator needs some work to compete with the big boys that have been turning out suvs that can pack on the miles without major repairs.

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Review Date: 22nd August, 2006

28th Aug 2006, 21:08

I too own a 1999 Lincoln Navigator that's 4 wheel drive with the dual overhead cam 300 HP engine. I bought it new. It now has 189,000 miles on it. I just can't seem to part with it.

I have had a couple of problems, but I truly love this vehicle. I have had multiple problems with the heated seats. I live in Texas and just decided I didn't need to fix it a second time. I have the same problem with the odometer flashing in and out ever since I had it. The dealer could never seem to fix the problem.

I am just now having some problems that I consider normal for a vehicle that has as many miles on it as mine. I have replaced the ball joints, the alternator, and the rear sub (I have 5 kids and they blew the sub thumping).

I have done all the maintenance on my vehicle and it has had less troubles than my Lexus LS400 had.

I am on my 3rd set of Continental Tires and getting ready for my 4th set. They cost me around $600 at a national discount tire chain store.

I have pulled trailers for thousands of miles and pulled a 600 lb trailer with two motorcycles weighing 800 lbs each. I had to keep checking to see if the trailer was still there.

Only problem is I have warped the front rotors several times. However, it cost $10 to have them turned or $25 for new ones.

By the way, I am in management for the government and work with computers. I am not a mechanic.

1999 Lincoln Navigator from North America




This Lincoln Navigator does not have any rust problems. Had to replace all 4 O2 sensors at 129000 miles.

General Comments:

Fantastic SUV. Very quick, responsive and rides beautifully. In the hot Arizona desert to the northern Arizona mountains, this SUV out performs all the others.

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Review Date: 8th January, 2006

17th May 2006, 22:03

I recently purchased a 2001 Navigator 3 months ago and we are VERY pleased with the quality and overall handling of this vehicle. Although its not our everyday car and we have yet to reach 3000 miles since having it, each drive feels like the first time. The previous owner took excellent care and I vow to do the same. Lincolns have ALWAYS been my car of choice, because this is our third one we own, the others are the Lincoln Mark8 (1995) and Lincoln Towncar Cartier (1997), so this truly adds to the wonderful collection of Lincolns. Great cars.

1999 Lincoln Navigator from North America


Great ride, but has defects


Rust has started on the inside bottom of each of the four doors on the seam/weld. After noticing this and then searching on the Internet, this problem has been occurring on both Navigators and Expeditions. From the Internet searches that I have seen, it has happened on the 1998 and 1999 Navigators/Expeditions, and possibly 2000 up to 2001 as well.

Please note that this same problem may be the problem in the F150's that TSB 01-9-8 details a solution for. I have added other web sites from other forums that relate this problem. The corrosion warranty will not cover this, since the rust is not causing a hole through the sheet metal. BEWARE! This seems to be a flaw/defect in the 1998 to 2001 (?) Navigators/Expeditions.


See the following links:

F150 Rust Forum - http://www.f150online.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=4440&highlight=Door+Rust






General Comments:

Beware of rust on 1998-1999 Navigators, and possible 1998 - 2001 F150's.

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Review Date: 2nd October, 2003