25th Oct 2006, 10:51

I bought my 1999 Navigator new due to having a 3rd child. I traded my 1995 Mercedes S420, which was a huge relief at the time. I was impressed with the car for the first 50,000 miles, which I had on it in less than 2 years. From there on out I had nothing, but problems with this car. The air suspension had to be completely replaced. Lincolns warranty didn't cover a dime. Electrical issues were always going on no matter what the dealer replaced. CD changer and radio were replaced. Gas mileage doesn't bother me. If you can afford to pay cash for a $50,000 car you don't worry about things like gas. Service at Lincoln is totally unprofessional. They treat you like your one of their Ford customers. Like I said earlier trading my Mercedes at the time was a relief, but I added up all my receipts from both cars and the Lincoln cost more than my Mercedes. I'm now driving a 2004 Lexus LX470 which is amazing. Has all features the Navigator had plus some. I traded the car with 98,000 miles and got 12,000 for it. My wife drives a Mercedes ML500 another car not to buy. Has the same problems as the Navigator.

15th Jan 2007, 12:44

I have a 98 Lincoln Navigator and the key ignition was working fine till now. When I put the key in to turn the car on it won't start. I don't know what the problem could be. I have to use my remote starter to turn the car on. Does anyone have any ideas if what happened and how can I get it fixed asap.

28th Aug 2007, 16:29

I have a 1999 Lincoln Navigator. I have to unlock with my remote and start the engine within about 5 minutes, or the alarm sets and won't let you start the engine. I took it the dealer and found out the truck had an aftermarket alarm on it. If you didn't use it, and try and crank the truck without it, it would set the alarm off and shut the truck down.

As for as the rest of these comments, I have had the same problems. My ABS light stays on, the odometer light goes in and out, and the air pressure in the shocks goes up when it gets ready.

Now I've been running all over town trying to get an affordable price on check my fuel system; the truck shakes bad when low on gas and at a stop. I had it put on the computer; it does have something to do with the fuel system, but I just don't know what and how much it will cost.

23rd Jan 2011, 21:22

I have a 1999 Lincoln Nav, and it takes me about 10 or 15 in the winter months to start my truck. In the summer time or when it's warm outside, I don't have a problem. I just replaced my starter because I have to try every morning about 20 or 25 times before it starts. I have tried two mechanics; one of them replaced my starter, and it worked good for a day, and the other one gave me a tune-up and checked my cold start, but I still have the problem.

PS Once I get it started and it warms up, it starts up good for the rest of the day. It just doesn't start up when it sits over night. What could it be?