1986 Lincoln Town Car from North America


First love that won't let you down


Some of the power windows and locks did stopped working. Before I got rid of the car, one window rolled down, and only the driver's back door opened from the outside.

Tail lights constantly went out.

Brake work 3 times in four years.

Tune up that cost close to 1000 dollars.

Very bad gas mileage towards the end.

Air did not work after the first year.

Car was notorious for cutting off.

General Comments:

Decent car. Prefer this one to my current Mazda 626. I miss the room and oomph the car had.

It was a boat, but it was my first, and I learned to drive in it. Let's just say it had some battle scars, but I could whip that baby into any parking space.

Would recommend this as a first car, or a car just to have for fun. Worth it while I had it.

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Review Date: 15th June, 2010

1986 Lincoln Town Car from North America


I think she is a pleasure to drive!!!


Have not had the car long!! Purchased it for $800.00 and it is the best $800.00 spent.

I took it on a 3.5 hour trip the first day I got it. (I also have a 2007 Grand Prix - I left at home that day LOL).

I have given it an oil change, tune up and changed the valve cover gaskets. Just to make it run a little smoother. However it ran just fine the way it was.

My wife loves the car and says people look at it when she is stopped at the light. It is a classy lady for sure.

General Comments:

One the road she drives so smooth you might go to sleep!! If you find one, buy it!!!

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Review Date: 1st August, 2009

1986 Lincoln Town Car 5.0 302 V8 from North America


My favorite car to this day


Minor rust, but it's a 1986.

Hail damage on the hood, again, it's 22 years old.

Replaced the battery the day I bought it, the previous owner left it sitting for a week in -40 celsius weather, took the battery out of my previous vehicle and haven't touched it since.

Has been leaking oil for a long time, but I converted from 5w20 to 10w30 and this stopped the massive leak by about 50% or more (1 liter every two weeks or so)

Had the front brakes replaced at 300,000 kms, and now this car stops faster than many new vehicles.

Front suspension squeaks.

General upkeep, tires, oil, etc.

General Comments:

I love the car. It goes when you tell it to, it turns with the push or pull of a finger, and has never failed to start for me, regardless of weather (keeping in mind the block heater does not work). The gas mileage is rather terrible, but considering the lack of money I need to put into the car for repairs, it is bearable. The plush seats are more than comfortable enough, and surprisingly, every girl that's sat in it loves it. The motor is starting to get tired at 305,000 kms, but still does the job the way it's meant to. This would be a perfect car to trick out: rebuild the motor, new paint job, etc.

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Review Date: 25th June, 2008

24th Dec 2008, 01:16

If you want to remedy the terrible fuel mileage, get rid of the catalytic converters and run dual exhaust. This will get ya some extra power and considerably better mileage. Due to the car's age, removal of the converters shouldn't be an issue. I know that the car is exempt from emission laws in California, where laws on emissions are barbaric! I did it to my TC and my highway mileage jumped to around 25mpg and the 302 will roast the drives at will!! After all, 4 cats are a bit much! All of the electronics work on my Cartier, but AOD tranny's aren't the best around. All in all, they're great cars to own and drive. My wife won't drive the car but she loves to take trips in the beast.

12th Feb 2009, 12:11

I had already taken the cats off, and my best mileage was 16 in town. I didn't get the chance to convert to dual exhaust.

I have recently upgraded to a 1986 Grand Marquis (sounds like a downgrade, but is in much better condition). Within the next few weeks I will be converting to dual exhaust, not sure whether I want to have it straight piped, or if I want some glass packs.

Yeah the ladies love the big cars' comfort, but don't want to be seen driving it ha ha.