1993 Lincoln Town Car Signature 4.6L from North America


It's pure luxury and reliability


This car is a piece of crap, bad tranny's, but mine was a trooper none the less.

General Comments:

This car is at the top of luxury. Roomy as you would ever need, and the biggest trunk I've ever seen!

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Review Date: 31st July, 2008

1993 Lincoln Town Car Executive 4.6 V8 from North America


Best car for the money we ever owned.


Drive shaft UV joints bad. Noticed right after we bought the car. Cost $300 to replace. Ignition lock wore out, replaced myself for under $20. The car has been extremely reliable for us so far. With the V8 under the enormous hood routine maintenance has been a breeze. I swapped all 8 spark plugs and wires in no time at all. Everything is easy to get to and you have plenty of room to work.

General Comments:

It is like driving around while still sitting in your living room. The seats are home recliner comfy. Everyone in the car gets a ton of room. It has all the standard options I would want in a car, such as cruise and climate control. It also throws in outside temp, current and average MPG and all the other little things that set the Lincoln in the luxury car bracket.

On the highway the car feels like a luxury liner floating over a gentle ocean. In a corner it still feels like a luxury liner so you need to slow down long before you get there. This is the exact opposite of a sports car.

Acceleration and braking are pretty much what I expected from the car. The V8 does it's job, but does not impress. You can pass and pull into traffic with no trouble, but if your at a dead stop you won't be going anyplace in a hurray. Our biggest surprise has been the gas mileage. Around town we get 18-19 but on the highway we get 23+. If you are on a stretch of road with the cruise set between 55 and 60 it's not hard to get 25mpg.

The rear wheel drive made a few days in winter bit tricky, but it was not a big problem. If I lived in a northern state I would probably want something else to drive, but here in the middle with only minor snow fall it does just fine.

The trunk. Wow. We have moved furniture in that trunk. We have yet to fill that trunk. It is just enormous.

Our 93 is in great shape since, like most of them, it was driven by a little old lady when new. We paid $3000 for it from a dealer. Not sure why they do not keep their value better. It has all the room of a full size SUV and better gas mileage.

It is my wife's car and she loves it and would get another. I really like it, but would like a little more handling. Maybe we can get a Mark VIII next?

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Review Date: 4th March, 2007

1993 Lincoln Town Car Executive 4.6L from North America


It is the best used car that I have ever owned!


I have owned the car for a yr and only had to replace the water pump and pipe that runs to the radiator.

General Comments:

The car runs great and still gets 22 mpg. All of the accessories work and the interior is in near perfect condition. It still has all the original cellphone connections and wires installed underneath the passenger seat as well. The only part that needs replacing is the climate control pushbuttons on the panel. The car has 2 spots on it as well where the clearcoat is peeling one is on top and the other is on the trunk.

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Review Date: 17th March, 2005

1993 Lincoln Town Car Signature 4.6 liter V8 from North America


Unbeatable comfort, space and reliability for the money - just ask the limo companies!


All standard wear:

Brakes - pads and discs.

Transmission - slipping, but anti-slip additive has resolved for over 10K miles so far.

Air Suspension - See note on cheap fix.

Shock Absorbers.

Tie Rod Ends.

General Comments:

You really can't beat the older Towncars for low budget, high comfort and very reasonable running costs. Just be prepared, as with any higher mileage car, to shell out for repairs as normal wear and tear takes it's toll. Let's face it - 90% of limo companies would not choose the Towncar if it weren't supremely cheap, comfortable and reliable.

I've owned four now, ‘87, ‘88, ‘90 and ‘93. Each offered ample comfort for very little money. I have also owned a lot of other cars - some older, low budget cars, some new, very high dollar vehicles - so I feel my perspective is quite informed and balanced.

My ‘93 now has 123K miles and over the last few months I had to decide whether to spend money replacing those parts that tend to wear out between 100K-120K or to sell the car and move on. Right or wrong I decided to take the plunge and spend the money because contrary to the previous reviewer’s experience, every single item on my car is in fine working order, nothing rusted or troublesome. To be honest, that's the way all of my Towncars have been - the only exception being the analog clocks on the 87 & 88 cars that usually quit around 1 year old.

All four have provided low cost motoring returning 22-27 mpg depending on type of driving. Not bad for such a large car. While not performance cars, these luxury barges are certainly not sloths either.

Repairs I have done in the last 5K miles include replacing the brake pads and discs front and rear, shocks, tie rods (3 of the 4 were still in OK shape, but squeaked a little), tires and replacing the air suspension with coils. The transmission started slipping about 10K miles ago, but a little anti-slip additive has proved a surprisingly effective solution so far, even if that fix is running on borrowed time.

It's worth noting that while fixing / replacing the air suspension can be very pricey, there are coil conversion kits available that are much cheaper and still provide a very good ride. I was lazy and had someone else replace mine and it still cost $200 all-in, compared to almost 10 times that for new air suspension.

As with any other car - if you buy one that has not been maintained you will have problems - but if you buy one that has been looked after and budget for replacing routine wear and tear items, these cars are an absolute steal.

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Review Date: 3rd June, 2002

12th Nov 2002, 10:35

I am the second owner of a 1993 Lincoln Town Car Signature. While impressed with the vehicle, I have had a couple of problems since the extended warranty expired. One was related to the after market remote starter (a short circuit).

My most recent problem is the compressor appears to run while the vehicle is parked. It is intermittent. It is my "other vehicle" so I do not use it much (less than 2000kms in 4 years.). The car was running very well until last week when I went to my garage and noticed the car was very low. My battery was completely dead, too. It is a new battery (less than 1 year) and still holds a good charge.

I am wondering if the compressor is cutting in when the suspension is low? Is it normal for the compressor to keep the bladders inflated while parked?

Any information you could send to me would be appreciated.


Labrador City, Newfoundland & Labrador, Canada.

1993 Lincoln Town Car Executive 4.6 from North America


A luxury high powered Pinto


The power antenna is rusted and it won't rise, but you can hear the motor running.

The air conditioner is cursed, it works whenever it wants.

The air suspension system is broken.

The brakes cause an earthquake on the car when braking from a speed of 35 or above.

General Comments:

I had to change the bags myself because the dealer price to fix it was on the four digits when the bags cost 80 each with 2 year warranty, and it is easier to install than the brake pads on the car. If you've got 100,000 on your Town Car, you might want to change the air suspension bags before they leak and your compressor burns; that costs more.

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Review Date: 11th November, 2000

24th Aug 2002, 23:47

Most Airbag suspension systems are troublesome and expensive to fix. These should be avoided if at all possible.

1993 Lincoln Town Car Executive Don't know. 4.0 + from North America


Power antenna can't pull back.

Air rear suspension broke.

Backup light sensor went bad.

Shocks leaked oil and got replaced.

Power window stop working on one side.

Squeak driving above 80 miles/hr on hot summer day.

Temperature control fan broke...

General Comments:

The car is surprisingly powerful with only 190 horses pulling its 4000 pd weight. Extremely quiet, and yes, it floats rather than drives, but very responsive and with small turning radius - easy to move around the parking lot. But its overall quality is really a big turn off...

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Review Date: 24th January, 2000