4th Mar 2003, 11:10

The sensors will in fact tell the pump to keep the proper pressure in the bladders. Go to http://www.strutmasters.com.

Do not buy OEM suspension, it will be much, much more money.

I have the conversion springs on my Mark VIII and I love them. Tell them Bobby Johns sent you; get a discount.

21st Jun 2003, 21:49

An air leak will result in the compressor running to keep the air springs inflated and the car level. This will deplete the battery charge over time.

Until the leak is repaired, you can turn off the compressor with the switch in the trunk to prevent depleting the battery. The rear of the car will become lower than the front depending on the amount of the leak and time.

10th Feb 2004, 06:07

I recently purchased my first Towncar, a very well maintained '93 Signature with 51,000 miles, and I am very impressed! I must admit however, all the bells and whistles are a bit daunting at first consideration of potential maintenance.

I noted the prior discussion of the compressor; I am assuming this is the light motor noise I hear after starting the car, and the subsequent 'air release' from under the hood area after it is turned off?

Converted in NC!

29th Apr 2004, 07:30

Just had complete replacement of 94 Town Car Signature air suspension for $900+. I think it was good price/benefit.

The car looks, feels and handles like new. Considered less expensive alternatives, but didn't feel the car deserved less than the best. It has served me well for 10 years and 117,000 miles.

4th Oct 2004, 14:05

I have owned a 93 Lincoln Town car Executive for the last 7 years and have had no problems except for the suspension system. I replaced the air system with two coil springs and the ride is actually better than the air bag ride! I also replaced the shocks with air shocks for better lift when hauling heavy things. The latest problem is slight smoking when idling for long periods. Smoking quits in a few seconds after acceleration. I have 150000 miles on my car. I am considering installing a new engine rather than buy another expensive not so comfortable car.

8th Nov 2007, 20:31

I have just purchased a 1993 Town Car in great shape, with 86,000 miles.

The suspension seems OK, BUT, where can I obtain after market air bags or coil springs.

I live in Canada, close to NY State border.

Thank you all for the great information on this site.

6th Feb 2008, 21:48

As for the vapor lock issue I heard from someone that if you put premium gas in the car it should fix that problem.

13th Oct 2008, 02:16

Hard to believe, but putting a clothes pin on fuel lines help. They dissipate heat from fuel lines.

22nd Jun 2009, 19:57

You'll need to do some heavy repairs at about 100,000 miles or so, but it is worth it with this car. I've had my 1993 town car for 11 years. It has 198,000 miles on it and is still going strong. The Ford modular V8 is a great engine. It will leak and burn oil once it gets high mileage. Mine has done so for years. Just keep checking the oil and add it when it needs it and it will keep going fine Also, I highly recommend using RESTORE at every oil change. I have done so for years and with 200,000 miles the engine runs better than it did at 68,000 miles when I bought it. This car is great...don't let the expensive repairs it will need at 100,000 miles deter you. It is well worth it for such a well built car.