1994 Lincoln Town Car Executive 4.6 V8 Gas from North America


Great car all around.


Drive Shaft wobble right after we got it. $350.

Serpentine Belt Tensioner $50.

Front door pins wore causing front doors to sag. $85 each.

Drivers power window. $40.

Power Antenna quit working, just left it up, $0.

General Comments:

It is like driving your living room. Soft, quite, smooth. The V8 seems perfectly adequate. It is not fast enough to impress me, but does a good enough job not to disappoint me either. We average 20-21 mpg, which should shame many smaller vehicles that the same or not do much better.

We have carried 6 adults in the car with no trouble. The trunk is massive. We get better gas mileage than my Mom gets in her Chevy Blazer and we have much more room.

The vehicle has been easy to work on, reminds me of cars from the 70s. V8 in the front, axle in the back, lots of room under the hood. I have done almost all the service work myself.

My only complaint is with the handling. Not only does it ride like your driving your living room, it handles like it as well. Don't dare swerve to avoid anything if going over 40mph.

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Review Date: 6th August, 2008

1994 Lincoln Town Car from North America


Why get a mini-van with a trunk as big is this?


Nothing yet!

General Comments:

This thing is the best! I lover her, air ride is great. Why buy a mini-van with a trunk as big as this one? This thing is great!

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Review Date: 12th May, 2006

1994 Lincoln Town Car Signature 4.6L V8 from North America


Best American (Canadian) car value on road


I replaced rear air shocks at 150,000 miles. The right rear door lock actuator has been replaced twice. The right rear window regulator/motor has been replaced once. All other manufacturer-recommended maintenance has been performed at recommended intervals. The Lincoln has one nagging problem my mechanic has not been able to correct: After warming up, as car shifts into the overdrive gear at low speeds (40-50MPH), the car often jerks, like it is jumping time or cutting out. All fuel system and air system parts have been maintained or replace, but problem continues.

General Comments:

At 130,000 the transmission had a shuttering/grinding noise as it shifted into overdrive. Dealer service corrected problem with complete fluid change and transmission lubricant.

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Review Date: 27th March, 2006

1994 Lincoln Town Car Signature V8 from North America


Loved it!


My Husband has a 1994 Lincoln Towncar Signature Series. On Friday Feb. 3, 2006, he started the car to warm up before going to work. When he looked out the window he saw smoke and called the Fire Company. The fire company came in about 20 minutes approx. By the time they arrived the car had completely burned from the front to back inside. The engine burnt and the interior. The wheels burnt and the asphalt burnt and buckled from the heat. Does anyone know what may have caused this to happen? Does anyone know of something like this happening to others? I am researching this on the Internet and have seen that Lincolns have had a fire problem, I am still researching all help is appreciated.

I have taken photos and will try to post later.

Thank You for your help,

R. Riley.


General Comments:

My husband loved this car and would like another same year or newer.

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Review Date: 6th February, 2006

2nd Apr 2011, 08:45

The car sets itself on fire and you want another one?! I just don't understand all these positive reviews for this car, yet the reviewers go on and on about replacing this and that, this doesn't work anymore, this fell off, etc. And now, one that set itself on fire? This takes the cake!

I loved Lincolns from the 80's, but these newer ones sound absolutely horrible, and the fact that owners don't seem to mind spending all this money on repairs to fix things on them that don't go bad on other cars, and still give positive reviews is really disconcerting to say the least.

3rd Jan 2012, 13:02

Dude, that's because these cars are cheaper and far better than virtually all of the cars made today. These cars look great, and actually are really reliable. I believe this fire issue is probably an isolated incident. Modern import cars are built to keel over at around 250,000 miles, and they're really expensive. Plus a lot of the upper scale ones can't even claim more fuel efficiency (Mercedes S Class gets like 16 combined on Premium) so these cars already get an advantage over the newer cars. I respect these people for actually making smart buying choices, and not running out and spending like 30-40k on a new car, that in the end will cost a lot more to run in the long run.

24th Sep 2015, 06:30

Dude, great car. I've got 250000 on mine. No issues at all. Just service.