1996 Lincoln Town Car Cartier 4.6L from North America


The best investment for your family


Ebay auction, just picked up used from a dealer in New Jersey. Drove home to Texas in 24 hours, arrived last night. This car makes three 1996 Lincoln Town Cars currently owned, two of them Cartier editions.

- Small whine from alternator front bearing, went away after 150 miles. Will replace bearings.

- Air suspension currently not working. Troubleshooting as we speak.

Rest of the vehicle is fine. Many compliments received at rest areas.

General Comments:

As one could guess, these mid-90's Panther-framed Town Cars are the most luxurious and currently, the most economical road cars ever made. The 4.6 litre engine gave 26.2 MPG over the 1400-mile trip, burning 1/2 quart of oil. Fuel stops are so few that one needs to limit one's coffee intake.

My kids use the other two at college, to haul their dorm furnishings back and forth. They are basically a 1/2-ton pickup truck that rides and feels like a dream. Acceleration very adequate. Throttle and steering response will surprise you.

Counting our old 1988 Signature Series, this is our fourth LTC purchase. Local dealers stock ample replacement parts, or special order them within 24 hours.

Lincoln's Wixom plant did a great job with quality control when building these 1996's up. The Cartier Editions are clearly superior (other one's an Executive, very basic trim). I've had no major problems - do my own oil and tranny service. I plan to stay away from 1998 and later model years - that's a different vehicle entirely.

From a safety standpoint one could do no better on the road. Full steel frame, bumper to bumper crash protection. Embedded steel beams everywhere. Solid body parts which decimate most modern cars in a collision, all give great comfort to a parent whose kids take these out where Texas gravel trucks are running 80 mph.

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Review Date: 28th November, 2006

1996 Lincoln Town Car Cartier 4.6L V6 from North America


Beautiful Rolling Land Yacht


Needs a tune up, but any vehicle with 396,000kms on it does. (yes that equals 246,000 miles)

Needed a windshield.

Check engine came on.

General Comments:

I just bought the car. I will be updating this later once I've owned it for a while.

The body is in mint condition, no rust all surprisingly.

Has every option, factory moon roof, heated seats, factory cell phone, 10 CD changer. And I only paid $850 for it.

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Review Date: 9th November, 2006

20th Nov 2006, 15:20

So with 246k miles (wow), has there been any major work done before you got it, such as engine rebuild or transmission replacement? I know you said you would update later, but I'm just curious.

21st Nov 2006, 07:22

I initially wrote the above comment.

No rebuilds or replacements of any kind. It was a 1 owner car and it was maintained to a tee. Every fluid changed at the exact times with the factory recommended fluids (no synthetics or fancy "high mileage oils"). All I've done is a basic tune up and changed an oxygen sensor to shut off the check engine light. I have driven the car approx. 1600kms (1000miles) since I started the comment and I am averaging 27.5mpg believe it or not on the highway. One other thing is the exhaust manifold has never been changed nor does it need to be. I've had it checked and rechecked as I heard this is a common problem and my mechanic says it's perfect and original. The original owner (whom I'm now friends with and is an 82 yr old man and his wife) said the same thing. He never spent money on the exhaust system because it never needed it. I also just got the emissions test done (air care if will) and it showed zero's on every section except NO2 where it's limit is 495ppm and it showed 76ppm. Can't tell me she's not running like a top. I purchased this car to actually be a family vehicle as I'm expecting my first child soon and it has surpassed my expectations. I knew Lincoln built a good car, but not this good. I will make sure to see this one pass the 500,000MILES marker and beyond! If anyone has questions or wants to ask me a question personally feel free to email me at toronado_guy86@hotmail.com

--Jon from Ontario, Canada.

27th Nov 2006, 11:43

Jon here again, (original writer of the review)

Little update. I need to replace the wiper/signal arm; and not because it stopped working by my little niece grabbed on it and fell off the seat holding, obviously causing it to snap off. It's a shame really. I'm going to get one from a Grand Marquis as they are cheaper (no fake chrome cover on it). Everything this is still as smooth as can be and I'm nearing closer to that 400,000kms marker! My Check air suspension light came on once, but I think that was because I had 5 people in the car, a 20" TV in the trunk and few other things in the trunk as well and cruising at 85mph on the highway. Man, I love these cars, lets see an Avalon do this after 250,000miles on the clock :P.

23rd Feb 2007, 10:16

Original writer again,

The car now had 404,000kms on it. She's still going strong. However, I got a cash offer for her and it will be sold the next few days. So it shall be far well to the Town Car very very soon. However I do highly recommend one of these land yachts to anyone looking for a very nice luxury automobile.