1996 Lincoln Town Car Executive Series 4.6 V8 from North America


A very luxurious and reliable car


The radiator thermostat cap blew once because the car overheated.

It very very rarely stalls due to faulty timing belt.

The check engine light loves to come on frequently.

General Comments:

The Lincoln Town Car is one luxurious American car.

I am very pleased with its comfort, styling, reliability, and handling for such a large car.

It is loaded with tons of amenities, such as standard 8-way power seats, mirrors, windows, cassette player, plush leather interior, key less entry key pad and fob, wood grain interior trim, automatic headlights, trip computer, and the list goes on and on.

Car is fast when you push its strong V-8. Have raised and beaten many cars.

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Review Date: 24th April, 2004

1996 Lincoln Town Car 302 ford V8 from UK and Ireland


More room and comfort that a Rolls Royce


So Far we have only had on major and one minor fault. The motor on the drivers side window has failed, this is a common problem I believe. The water temperature sender has also stopped working, but this is very easy to correct.

General Comments:

This car has been bought, In the UK to use as a second wedding car.

We have only recently taked delivery, so have not had time to evaluate the car in all its aspects. However the comments we have received so far have all been very favorable.

This car is not used as my every day car because I also have a Dodge B2500 Day Van.

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Review Date: 23rd January, 2004

24th Jan 2004, 06:37

Interesting, and good to hear from anothe UK based American car owner (I drive a Saturn). So you have a Dodge van too? Lets see a review of it!

8th Feb 2004, 08:04

I have just added a review of the Dodge van as well. 1997 B2500 Explorer. See you at the Americana Maybe?

24th Aug 2004, 13:39

Slight error in the first report. This should read 1986 not 1996.

1996 Lincoln Town Car Diamond Anniversary Edition 4.6L V8 gasoline from North America


An all around excellent luxury car


Intake manifold cracked -- known engineering problem with the car -- cost me $900.

Shocks replaced.

Upper and lower ball joints replaced -- factory parts are junk, use aftermarket replacements.

Tires, the factory Michelins are outstanding and have a whitewall!

Transmission flaking out -- common to need a new transmission at 125k-150k.

General Comments:

The most luxurious car on the market. I've owned Benzes, a 93 Town Car, and my family members own trucks and other sedans. The Town Car is the hands down winner for comfort, the most space, and the easiest to drive/park.

Engine speed is decent considering the weight and size of the car. I added an aftermarket engine computer chip, and it dramatically improved the acceleration of the car (+10hp/+22lbsft). A number of engineering problems Ford has let slip through and recalled only on Taxi/Fleet/Limo-type vehicles. If I buy another Lincoln, it will be on one of those programs to ensure proper warranty service.

All in all, with a few faults that every car has, it's one of the best cars on the road today!

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Review Date: 29th November, 2002

14th Oct 2003, 15:40

My Uncle just acquired a 1996 Town Car Signature this week. He replaced a 1990 version (he is a Lincoln guy). As a GM guy myself, I must give Ford Motor Company credit for retaining the last real American Luxury Car format. I am a HUGE fan of the old "square style" (1980-1992) Cadillac Broughams. Caddy restyled the RWD cars in '93 as a reaction to the '90 Town Car, but the Lincoln was simply better styled (as was Buick's Roadmaster). The 1996 version's interior is a nice update. For those who like the more modern styling (inside & out), but demand a REAL rear wheel drive & full-sized car, the 1990-1997 Town Cars, and the 1992-1995 Buick Roadmasters are it. Long Live Luxus Americanus!