1998 Lincoln Town Car Signature 4.6 SOHC from North America


Great car, I am very happy


Inner tie rod, $25.

Intake manifold leak - fixed with liquid copper, $10.

ABS control module - $100 at scrap yard.

Exhaust leaks, $20 for 4 exhaust flanges for mid pipe.

Power window switch - just opened it up and cleaned all contacts with electrical cleaner - $5.

Headlights were foggy, bought 3M restoration kit - $35.

The radio kind of froze, and none of the controls worked, so I got another at a scrap yard, $40.

General Comments:

This is a very comfortable car. It is far, far, far more comfortable than my Lincoln Mark 8.

It is also extremely reliable, and I actually like the SOHC engine sound more than the DOHC engine in my Mark 8 - it reminds me of the old flat head Ford motors from back in the day.

The main reasons I bought this car are the price, its comfort, it's a 4 door, there's lots of trunk room, and a trailer hitch for towing. It also feels a lot safer than the Mark 8, because it feels higher up, with a bigger car feel. The Mark 8 was a 2 door, and a pain to have more than 2 people in, and I could never fit anything in it, because it was a small car (storage and feeling wise, kind of like my Miata).




Very comfortable.

Lots of room, interior and trunk.

Very quiet around town.

Floaty feeling suspension.

Decent power.

As reliable as my old Civic.

Well built.

Easy to fix.

Much better MPG than my Mark 8.

Parts are dirt cheap for MOOG Problem Solvers or Raybestos professional/advance tech.




Rear suspension jumps around when taking a corner and hitting a bump - a little unnerving.

Braking lacks compared to my Mark 8, immensely - will install EBC Red Stuff next time, not Motorcraft.

Power is decent, but wish it had the DOHC engine for the power.

Handling does NOT inspire confidence to take a corner any faster, although it corners flat and does not wallow at all. It could be the tires though.

It feels like a really big car when parking, even though it's around the same dimensions as my Mark 8. The sides and hood are deceiving with the shape, as you think you have less room than you do. For the first month, I always still had like 3 feet of room, when from the driver's seat I thought I had less than a foot. The trunk feels small because of the almost flat rear window when parking. On the road it feels fine though, I have no problem driving in downtown Toronto traffic (which isn't that bad TBH).

Overall, I love this car more than the Mark 8 though. The positives outweigh the negatives by far.

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Review Date: 22nd February, 2012

24th Feb 2012, 12:36

I also forgot to mention that this car has considerable wind noise at highway speeds. This summer I will seal up the body panels with some rubber stripping from behind to eliminate it.

This car is actually really easy to do a Morimoto bi-xenon retrofit too, unlike my Mark 8, which required a lot of fabricating (check Youtube for mark viii bixenon).

1998 Lincoln Town Car Signature Touring 4.6 from North America


The car has been worth the cost


Engine warning light came on at 63000. Engine missing; the car is scheduled for repair.

Only the passenger window was working when the car was purchased.

Front window winders replaced at 35000.

Front driver's window switch at 55000.

Heat only at 57000, mechanic removed some parts to give me AC only.

A/C leaks into passenger floorboard.

Replaced front ball joints at 50,000; $500.

Paid $3,500 and have invested; tires $850, windows $550, new tint $225, heat/AC work $250, new battery $125, engine repair???

General Comments:

A most comfortable car, and the last luxury car to have a standard front bench seat.

I anticipated the window problems, but not the A/C problem.

Gas mileage is 15 and 19 mpg, somewhat less than I expected.

Car rides rougher than I anticipated, maybe because it is a Touring Edition, and may have stiffer suspension.

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Review Date: 9th August, 2011

10th Aug 2011, 16:10

The Touring edition does have a firmer suspension than the base model. I had a 1999 Buick Park Avenue with the optional Gran Touring suspension, and then purchased a 2005 with the standard Dynaride suspension, and the difference was quite striking. The newer car was a lot more comfortable and floated like a car from the 70's, it was one of the most comfortable cars I have ever driven.

I now have a 2011 Lucerne; I really miss my Park Avenue.

14th Aug 2011, 10:10

Update on 98 Touring Edition missing: Had to have the #six coil replaced at a cost of $130 for part and $75 labor, not bad. However, it seems strange that a single coil had to be replaced; and at a low mileage of 63000.