1998 Lincoln Town Car Executive 4.6 V8 205 HP from North America


Nice ride, but too many problems


Water leaks down onto front passenger floor and rear left passenger floor, soaking the carpet and sometimes leaving standing water on the floor.

Battery kept going dead, and the radio came on by itself, so the dealer disconnected the radio.

Key mechanism keeps failing, and had to call an auto locksmith, who cleaned the mechanism and got the key to work, but said the steering column interior needs cleaning.

Dealer said the air suspension will probably fail soon (based on their experience with others this age) and is very expensive to replace -- but seems OK so far.

Leaking front headlight keeps shorting out, and have been stopped by the police for a missing light.

2 window motors failed.

Steering wheel "leather" wore off in several places soon after I bought it.

The latest is it will run if gas is poured into the carburetor, but will not start otherwise, and the dealer tried the computer module controlling the gas, but it would not retain a program. Difficult to find parts like a used computer module to try.

General Comments:

Such a smooth ride, that I got a speeding ticket for going 95 on a long interstate drive, and was probably really doing higher. Need to use cruise control to keep it under control.

Large car for me to parallel park after driving a Honda Civic, but lots of passenger and trunk room.

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Review Date: 1st October, 2010

7th Oct 2010, 19:25

"The latest is it will run if gas is poured into the carburetor, but will not start otherwise"

There's no carburetor on the 90's models. Your car has fuel-injection. Visit www.lincolnlandinc.com

1998 Lincoln Town Car Signature Series 4.6L V8 from North America


Affordable luxury car at an affordable price


Power window switch panel on driver side. Sometimes you have to jiggle the switches.

General Comments:

The interior is very roomy in both the front and back seat area.

The engine is pretty smooth and quiet at both city and highway speeds. I bought the car used; despite the high mileage, this car runs and feels like a new car.

Powertrain wise, there are a few small things that need to be addressed; mostly just getting it serviced and lubricated.

The mileage on this car is unbelievably high considering the size of both the car and the engine. I think I am getting better than 26-28 MPG on the highway. To the right of the display it tells you how many miles you have left on a tank of gas, which is really convenient and easy to read.

The controls to the seat, seat heater, and the window/mirrors are easy to find without taking your eyes off the road. The stereo has a cassette player for those of us who still have cassette tapes, with a factory CD disk holder/changer in the trunk. Even by today's standards, this system is pretty well up to speed with the quality of the newer systems out on the market today. The sound quality on this car surpasses the system in my 2007 GMC Sierra Classic!!

This car is so comfortable to ride in on long trips you could sleep in it. Initial run with this car felt like the steering had a bit "oversteer", but I got adjusted to that pretty quickly. This is the 1st luxury car that I have owned, and my experience with this car has so far been a fairly good one.

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Review Date: 16th September, 2009

16th Sep 2009, 17:19

73,500 miles is nothing, if it had 173,500 that'd be noteworthy, and your Town Car should last that long with regular maintenance.

16th Sep 2009, 19:12

You think 73K is high mileage??? My Lexus LS has 256K, my Volvo 780 Bertone 226K, and Aerostar XL 155K (the lightweight of the group) all run great and have no existing mechanical problems. I had a 1991 Maxima with 272K and it was running good when I sold it. Talk to us when you hit 200K...