1998 Lincoln Town Car signature touring edition 4.6 V8 from North America


Very comfortable


AC is making noise like a clicking sound and a rumble like the fan was not running smoothly. Is there a switch problem?

General Comments:

I got the car from a dealer at a very good price and I am willing to fix some minor things. It runs very well and is very comfortable The car has floor mats that say touring edition and they seem to be original. I can find nothing about 1998 touring edition to tell me what makes it a touring edition. I saw a review of the 2008 models that said the touring edition had a higher horsepower engine. Anyone know the story? Thanks.

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Review Date: 19th June, 2008

31st Jan 2012, 19:14

200 hp single tailpipe, but the duals for 98 did have more at 220 hp, and 30 more torque.

1st Feb 2012, 16:31

They all had duals starting in '94.

14th Mar 2013, 01:45

The Lincoln Towncar Signature Touring Edition (STS) included:


- A thicker front and rear sway bar.

- Monotube front and rear shocks (made by Tokico).

- 3.55:1 rear diff ratio (open).

- Thicker 235/60r16 tires.

- 239hp and 287 ft lb engine, bumped up via a factory tune.

- Thicker rear air suspension bag rubber.

- Thicker front springs.


- Most exterior chrome painted body color.(not hood ornament, window sills or handles.

- Special 8 spoke chrome Tek rims only available on STS.

- Special painted grille (forget the name, but it's basically a grey).


- Touring sedan mats.

- Black burlwood trim.

- Higher quality ivory leather.

- JBL sound system from Cartier.

- More supportive seats.

Straight out of the 1998 Lincoln Town Car brochure for my Signature touring sedan. Essentially it was designed as a more performance and touring version of the car. Not too many were sold.

There is one review of it, all you need to search is "Cadillac Deville Concours vs Lincoln Towncar Touring sedan".

1998 Lincoln Town Car Signature 4.6 Liter from North America


Dependable Luxury Paired with Style and Comfort


The turn signal lever had to be replaced at 100k because the right turn stopped functioning.

Rear windows fail intermittently and without warning.

Drivers window makes a thud when the down cycle completes.

General Comments:

This has been a truly reliable vehicle and it seems it will run forever as long as regular maintenance is performed. The engine still runs so smooth at 103k that you have to listen closely to detect it when stopped for a red light.

Unlike my Mark VIII the electronics in the Town Car are still all fully functional and without issues. That includes the memory seats & self adjusting mirrors linked to the remotes, climate & cruise controls, steering wheel buttons for the afore mentioned, ABS, Traction Control and the many other standard/optional features.

My 1998 Town Car still looks brand new and has held its value well. The interior and trunk show little or no wear. My vehicle is equipped with the optional faux convertible top and I'm amazed at how well it has held up against the extreme climate shifts in Upstate New York.

The car handles and accelerates as well or better than some of my friends newer Cadillac’s. I've experienced no reduction in acceleration in spite of hitting the 100k mark.

My Lincoln mechanic tells me that many Town Cars are serviced with 200k, 300k and yes even higher. He claims that as long as regular maintenance is done, "the engine will respond with many years/miles of service."

I love the car! My Mark VIII has 300k miles, but required a great deal of service to make the 100k reading.

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Review Date: 11th November, 2007

1998 Lincoln Town Car Signature Touring 4.6L OHC V8 from North America


I give this car an overall score of 7/10 mainly for its comfort and power


-Multiple window driver window motors and switches have been replaced (Throughout ownership, needs to be replaced again)

-Wiper motor went twice (Sometime after the 150K mark)

-Intake manifold cracked (215K) - turned out to be a manufacturing defect.

-Sunroof doesn't close all the way.

-Seat memory fails randomly.

-A spark plug shot out of the engine (220K)

-Starter replaced (220K) -wear and tear.

-Beginning to leak trans oil (219K)

-Makes a crackling noise from the rear randomly.

-Driver door lock has to be used manually.

-Lower ball joints came apart (170K and 221k) -another factory defect.

-Leaks water from firewall into passenger compartment during hard rain.

-Rear air suspension bag punctured (replaced entire rear suspension with a retrofit)

General Comments:

This car was bought with 30K on it. It is what is known as the Signature Touring designation, meaning it has the more powerful engine with dual exhaust pipes (220 HP, 290 Lb of Torque). This car has been decently reliable considering all the abuse it has gone through. Up until 170K it was driven by my dad in the city as a limo. Oddly, right after he stopped is when all the problems started taking place.

I'm 18 and all I can say is that this car has a good amount of power. I drive this car hard (like most 18 yr olds do) and it has never been a problem for me acceleration wise, and besides the spark plug blowing out (which I think is a serious problem), this engine is built like tank. The engine is still very smooth and I can cruise easily at 90 mph on the interstate. However, it isn't the best handling car (I have never expected it to be). There is a lot of low end torque so city driving is also very comfortable. I do believe however, that the engine could use more power (it should have the 302 from Mustang GTs). Parking was a problem when I first started driving, but now it is fairly simple. This car has a lot of room and is the most comfortable car I have been in (even more than my uncles MB S500). The ride is amazing and I don't feel any bumps Although the interior has a simple layout it is still fairly appealing. (Mine has the black wood trim). The trunk is kind of inconvenient because the spare hangs out over the storage compartment and makes it a pain to put in suitcases.

The car has had many minor problems throughout its life and I think it is time to go, mainly because of fuel consumption (avg mileage has gone down from 20mpg to 16mpg) and the fact that these little parts are pricey. The car isn't worth much anymore (it was issued a salvage and then a rebuild title after a major accident) so paying for these parts to be put in is useless. My parents are probably going to buy me a Jeep GC Limited, so this will be gone soon, and I will miss it.

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Review Date: 3rd July, 2007

3rd Jul 2007, 20:32

Ball joints that fail at 170K, how is that a defect?

5th Jul 2007, 10:43

After doing some research online I found a site that listed factory recalls on Fords Crown Vics/Merc GMs/Linc LTCs and it said that between 1997-1999 the lower ball joints were defective and could come apart at anytime, partly because there is was no grease tap. Unfortunately, Ford never sent me a recall notice and I had to shell out $40 for each of the ball joints.