2006 Lincoln Town Car Signature 4.6 V8 from Sweden


Beautiful luxo-barge made with longterm potential


Rear axle ran dry.

Aircon compressor died.

Foot well fans burnt out.

Headlight seal no longer seals.

General Comments:

It is an adventure and a crime of passion to buy an exotic vehicle like this here in Sweden, and I did it because I am crazy. Ask anyone, they'll agree.

But I do believe these cars have an excellent reputation for durability, which is what gave me the courage for the purchase. I hope that any part I replace will be worth it, and that this car will be with me for decades. It is mounted on a ladder frame, and has amazing safety scores for everything, plus it weighs over two tons - all that is very reassuring.

Suspension comfort and engine smoothness are amazing, and the car feels wonderful on long distance trips. Seats are sofa-soft and may seem unsupportive to Europeans, but I like it that way. Don't expect Jaguar/Rolls Royce/Mercedes levels of trim refinement; under some scrutiny, the interior looks all cobbled together from cheap toy grade injection moulded plastic, so put your pink glasses on and enjoy the ride instead, which is legend.

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Review Date: 28th June, 2018

1st Jul 2018, 03:13

These cars have footwell fans?

I did not know such things exist, but can think of several cars that could have used them ;)

1st Jul 2018, 11:23

Dynamat Dynaliner helps in many cars. Should be factory equipment.

8th Jul 2018, 03:21

Thx - Good tip :)

2006 Lincoln Town Car Signature 4.6 V8 from North America


Bulletproof, classy, comfortable car that does just about everything well


Nothing mechanically so far.

Headlights started leaking water inside, replaced both. Fairly common with today's plastic headlights.

The car was maintained well and at the dealership (has a lot of Motorcraft replacement parts) before I got it as the third owner.

General Comments:

I love this car. I had a '99 before this and it was a good car, but felt really cheapened compared with the older models in many ways. This showed up in reliability also.

The '06 feels more substantial and better built. They really made a lot of improvements to these cars when they refreshed them for '03, and you can feel it when you go for a drive. The rack and pinion steering, redesigned suspension, and added power inspires confidence and really makes this car much more fun to drive.

I gave it a 7 for performance because the car performs well in all respects, but has a couple minor things I think Ford could have improved on. One is the gearing in the rear end, I think this car should have 3.55s for better acceleration. The motor doesn't have enough torque for the 3.27s. The stock gear is OK but kind of sluggish, really they're a highway gear. My '99 had the 3.55s and they really woke the car up, and barely lost on gas mileage. Also I wish the car tracked straighter on the highway; it wanders a little bit even when lined up right.

Overall it's a very balanced package, can be driven in fast and in a spirited manner if you feel like it, and be totally secure.

Handles really well for a big car, and steers precisely. Ride is very good, it's soft but firm, almost like some Euro cars I know. Sometimes a little harshness does creep in, it's not like the total isolation of past Lincolns where you just float and don't feel anything. But I like feeling a little more connected to the road.

Interior is really nice. Seats are comfy and have decent support, need a little more lumbar though for long trips. Quality of materials is better than on my '99, and it looks very polished. Some plastics remind you of its Crown Vic roots, but they hold up well. '06 was the first year with a tach, which is nice to have. I really like the analog clock, it's a nice touch.

It's a low maintenance vehicle, just basic upkeep like brakes, oil changes, filters will make them run a long time. Past owners of mine went above and beyond doing repairs like new water pump and steering shaft for peace of mind, a good idea for a high mile car like this. Parts are cheap, and I only expect to do a little suspension work and maybe electrical as time goes on. Hopefully make it to 300K!

The 70s models are still my favorite of all time, but for a reliable, economical daily driver, this body style is about the best in my opinion. They had worked almost all the bugs out by this time.

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Review Date: 30th August, 2017

30th Aug 2017, 13:42

Good review. I myself could never understand why it took Ford over 20 years to use rack and pinion on the Panther cars. In the meantime, the economy cars such as Fairmont/Zephyr from the late 70s did.

30th Aug 2017, 23:13

Yes that was a very well thought out review. I prefer the older models myself, which rode the best, but these newer ones are decent. I would like to just add maybe the reason why Ford chose to stick with the basic steering linkage setup for so long was because many owners liked the lack of road feel and wanted the least amount of effort to steer.

In later models, Ford decided to focus more on handling and"road feedback", because over time I guess too many customers complained about the lack of steering accuracy, so the rack and pinion design finally made its way into the Town Cars. I personally like the old style steering linkage setup; parts are cheap, it costs less to fix if something does go wrong, and the ease of driving with your pinky finger is how those old RWD Lincolns are supposed to be.

3rd Sep 2017, 03:22

Nice, intelligently written review :)

5th Sep 2017, 00:06

The only thing that I don"t like about the 2003 and beyond TC is the plain taillights with no logo in the center. '98-2002 were much better looking.