2006 Lincoln Town Car Designer Series 4.6 from North America


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Shortly after we bought the car I noticed that both passenger side center caps were missing from the wheels. The dealer says that anyone who would drive a new town car, the only car they would fit on, would not take them, I already know this, but criminal people will steal them and sell them on the internet, I have been told.

I don’t know if they fell off or were stolen. These things cost almost $100 each. I took the other two and the new two and engraved my initials on them and if I see them for sell every, I will report them. I also had all four wheels and tires stolen off of one of my company trucks. We had tires stolen in the past, so I own a tire shop also, and had the boys take off all 4-tires and put a zip lock bad inside of each tire and remount it back on the wheel. Inside of the zip lock bag was a note with my phone number and to report to the police. We have actually recovered two stolen trucks this way. Truck is stolen and chopped down. Tires/wheels sold. Tires wear out after a few years, new owner goes to tire shop to put new tires on wheels. Wheels broken down, note found, we are called, cops called, trace down truck from buyer of wheels.

The driver’s seat will pop when it moves on it’s own as I get out of the car. It is scheduled to be looked at by the dealer.

Slight buzzing sound fromt he dash, but goes away.

General Comments:

My 2003, which was destroyed in a fire, (A van parked beside my town car caught on fire at the air port and burned off the right side of my town car), had a free 3/year servicing, the new 2006 only has one year of free servicing.

The 2006’s steering wheel controls are harder to use as compared to my 2003.

The 2006 is super quiet, but so was the 2003.

The 2006 has a cheaper looking rearview mirror.

These car are the only true full size rear wheel drive, body on frame, cars on the road, new, today that cost under $100,000. I got mine for $38,900.

The car is very safe and heavy and has plenty of room.

If I have to drive a car, I could not see myself ever driving anything, but a Town Car. We have owned many cars and have always came back to the Town Cars.

I usually put 100,000-miles on them before I sell them. Our tax lawyer bought our old 2002 "Cartier" and he is still driving it. It now has almost 170,000-miles of trouble free service.

Our old 1995, which we gave to my mother-in-law, now has 200,000 miles of trouble free service, but it does seem to consume lots of oil.

They are great cars and seem to last forever, but I don’t like this 2006 as much as the older ones.

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Review Date: 10th November, 2005

15th Nov 2005, 19:14

The car will easily run 300,000 miles with proper maintenance. Tell your mother in law to check the valve guides and valve seals.

The most decked out Town Car will cost 50,000 dollars. No better car in this world.


17th Sep 2006, 18:42

Our family has driven Town Cars since 1984. They are, without doubt, the best luxury car in the world. The cars are smooth, quiet, VERY reliable (we've NEVER had one single problem with any of them) and the newer ones have more than adequate power. I've ridden in friends Mercedes, Lexuses and Jaguars and they do not impress me like the Town Car.