23rd Sep 2006, 18:16

I know how it feels when something or someone takes the part off your town-car or takes the whole car. I own a black 2006 town-car executive ballistic edition nothing was taken off this one. but I had a 1997 blue and black two-tone town-car and just 10:45 pm on august 25 2006 it got stolen. my girlfriend reported it to the police. 2 hours later they found the car at my cousins house he had chopped it down and sold the parts including the town-car frame. if any one has a 97 Lincoln town car for sale I would like to know.

8th Mar 2007, 05:03

I just purchased a 2005 Town Car and really love this car. As others have said it is very comfortable and for a large car handles very well. I was sold on those two factors mostly, but also like the relatively simple layout of the dash, storage areas in the doors and console and best of all the fact that there isn't a center console between the front seats that just about all cars have now days. While most cars have gone to the shifter located between the seats, I prefer the shifter on the column. It just makes more sense to me especially for an automatic transmission. Good design elements are eternal and much appreciated by this owner.

21st Dec 2008, 01:24

I have always been a GM car buyer, and I never ever found the cloud type of ride I craved. One day I was running late for work and ran up to the market and got a hack(taxi). This man had a '93 Town Car, and it was my first time riding in the Town Car.

When we pulled off, there were no bumps in the street, no engine noise, and when we hit the expressway the Town Car really showed off; a completely soft ride. I fell in love with Town Car, and although the car is big, I am going to buy one because I like how it rides.

One other note; my hack took the air bags off the suspension. The ride quality was there but those bags are what gives the Town Car that unique ride quality. Also, I've noticed young men driving Town Cars.

28th May 2011, 00:12

Welcome to America. We are glad to have wonderful friends from afar.