19th May 2015, 12:12

Yeah but the problem is - leather is uncomfortable.

For the previous commenter - cloth is reasonably easy to clean. I'd rather have slightly less than perfect previously-owned cloth seats than leather any day.

19th May 2015, 21:09

Turn the air temp control in summer. Add a remote start and pre warm the seats. It's far better in my opinion. Maybe you don't have air?

20th May 2015, 19:14

Personally I love leather. I think it's more relaxing and comfortable on trips. A lot steer clear of checking off this option. It's expensive. It looks great in a vehicle as well unless it's worn out. Then I agree. I do have cloth in my pick up. I have a Lab that rides in it, and I have a blanket on it.

20th May 2015, 22:41

Yeah, I have air, I just find leather sticky. Your back and rear are against it with no breath-ability. Even with air conditioning on it is much less comfortable than cloth.

21st May 2015, 10:25

I have leather seats in all my cars besides for the ones that are in my 78 Lincoln, which are cloth that I love to death.

I personally don't like leather seats in cars. In the house is fine, but for a car, I'd much rather have cloth or velour that is soft and comfortable in the summer and winter time, vs leather that sucks to sit in when the weather is extreme outside.

The same goes for vinyl seats.

I'll admit though that the 89 Lincoln Town Car Sig and Cartier leather seats were ultra plush and well made.

21st May 2015, 14:14

I turn my climate control down to 60. I don't stick at all. Check your A/C. I have had at least a dozen cars with leather seating, and don't plan on stopping. I also go with the darkest legal tint, performed as soon as the new car is ordered. Maybe you live in Key West and it sticks briefly til the A/C kicks on. What year and model new car do you own that presents this issue?

30th May 2015, 01:17

Leather looks soo much better vs. cloth. I don't find it very uncomfortable in extreme hot or cold, and many modern luxury cars have heated/cooled seats to remedy that. The one drawback in my mind is that leather wears out much faster unless you are very fastidious about maintaining it. I also don't like all the wrinkles and creases that often happen to leather from sitting on it.

30th May 2015, 11:39

If you keep a car over 10 years without treating the leather, usually you will have it crack. I use very high quality leather products and keep the leather supple. It's expensive and often part of an expensive ordering process. If you wear seat belts, you shouldn't be sliding anywhere. I absolutely never use silicone based products in my interiors. Slippery and films up the windows. Treating the leather is work, but it's really great.

31st May 2015, 12:05

True, leather, especially today's leathers aren't as high quality as they were in older cars, which wore better and were higher quality hides IMO. Unless you're buying an S-Class Benz, then the leather is top notch. I find that cloth wears better and last longer than leather seats. The older 70s and 80s Lincoln Town Car seats were very nice, thick, plush and very comfortable; the ones in their newer cars are overly stiff, such that it makes you wonder if you're truly riding in a luxury car or a sports car. At least cloth is accommodating in all weather conditions.

Some people want to save on fuel, so having the A/C on constantly is a punishment in the MPG department and just wears out the A/C components more quickly.

I do like the combination of leather and cloth combo however.

31st May 2015, 12:19

I've never owned a car with leather seating - sitting in other people's cars with it was enough to convince me I wanted nothing to do with it. I'm from the Midwest, which in the summertime is every bit as bad as 'Key West'. Most of the United States is sub-tropical, and getting much hotter with every passing year: cloth seating in light colors for me (and that's coming from a night-owl who usually avoids the heat of the day anyway).

1st Jun 2015, 01:49

Simple solution - buy a white car and crack a window. We have had at least a dozen cars with leather. I have climate control (thermostat controlled) in our cars. Fast cool down. In fact if you turn it up the seats stay cool for a while when parked. I also feel it helps sell a car quicker than cloth. Many luxury models don't even offer it.

2nd Jun 2015, 18:48

My new cars get better MPG with the windows up and air on. You should even run your air every month briefly in the winter to prevent issues. I have replaced air in only 2 vehicles. And there's been quite a few. One in a 85 Mercedes, and I am on a second new system in my 70 Chevelle SS that came with factory air. It is not leather or fabric, but it will freeze you out of the car.

Personally I really love leather seats. My favorite are white with white interior. It's a challenge, but if you are neat and take care it's very sharp. As is all black. Somehow fabric to me just doesn't look good in most vehicles. If I had non air cars, I would never have black leather seats. I have neoprene covering my leather seats in my Corvette convertible. It's cool with the top down. And it keeps the seats new. It's what you like I guess.