1988 Lincoln Town Car 5.0L 302 V8 from North America


A two ton gem!


Besides routine maintenance, I've had to do the valve cover gaskets, a rusted freeze plug, thermostat, water pump, and timing cover gasket, and a tune up (plugs and wires were originals and still ran great!), which are all to be expected for a nearly 30 year old daily driver.

Very slight oil leak, rear windows are off the track, and the gas gauge, A/C, and trunk pull down don't work, though the latter is my fault.

Slight rust on the body being a New England car, but the frame is clean.

Transmission was rebuilt at 85k by the previous owner.

No major issues at all. Nothing that takes away from the incredibly regal and righteous driving experience!

General Comments:

I've been driving this car every day for over a year, put 25k miles on it in that time and I couldn't be happier with it! As a musician I do a lot of driving, and the style, comfort, and ride cannot be matched by any modern generic plastic crumple blob. I don't drive it hard, and I'm impressed with the gas mileage, roughly 17 city, 22 highway. Everyone knows it's me when I pass by in my big white Lincoln!

The burgundy velour interior cannot be beat; it's the most comfortable car I've ever sat in, and the front bench seat comes in handy sometimes. I'm a big guy and I love the huge cabin, and the huge trunk as well for moving band equipment.

The automatic dimming headlights are great for dark back roads.

Such a sweet ride for so little money. Not good in snow though, but that I can live with. Get up on I-95, set the cruise and enjoy the smooth ride!

Overall, if you want a true American luxury car with none of the idiotic gimmicks of modern cars, you cannot go wrong with a Town Car, and there are plenty of them still around, which is a testament to the reliability. Absolutely recommended.

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Review Date: 8th May, 2017

9th May 2017, 10:34

The old Lincoln Town Cars were ultra comfortable and cool looking. I own a 78 Continental, and it's one of my favorite cars ever! No modern car touches it in ride quality, build quality and styling; it's like driving a quiet tank down the road in absolute comfort and quietness. I like the 80s Town Cars; they still kept that classic traditional styling before giving way to the more modern aero design of the 90s, which looks OK, but it doesn't look as striking, nor was the quality and comfort the same of the 80s.

The 90s Townies got cheaper looking and feeling all around; just close the door on an 80s Town Car, close the trunk and you get that solid thunk. You still had metal bumpers and chrome trim. Feel the better leather quality on the seats too; the 80s years feel more substantial and solid, while the 90s felt lightweight and low grade in comparison, but were still nice riding cars.

We need to cherish these cars and not let them fall into disrepair. So I commend you for still driving your Townie!!

1988 Lincoln Town Car 302 V8 from North America


Best car made in the 80s. Loved you then Lincoln. Now you suck


I paid $500 for this car. I drove it 11 years and it was extremely reliable. In all that time, all I did was maintenance, plus a starter, a radiator, a heater core, and a few window gear repairs. It also had a rear main seal, and an ignition switch and headlight switch. All repairs were cheap and easy, except for the heater core and RMS.

This was a well built and reliable car. It ran strong and smooth. It was the best $500 car I have ever had.

General Comments:

I love Town Cars. They are big, smooth, comfortable, well made cars. 15 miles to the gallon. Few repairs ever needed. These cars fit me.

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Review Date: 21st February, 2015

27th Feb 2015, 09:55

The boxy Town Cars from the 80s were the last of the "Real Lincolns" per se. The 90's aero design Townie's also look good, but they don't have the regal look of the older more classy Lincolns from the 70s-80s.

Lincoln today doesn't know what or who they want to be anymore. Their identity has been lost for years. I personally didn't mind Lincoln catering to mobsters, Wall Street banksters, and drug dealers way back in the days. That made Lincolns cool, menacing, and legit IMO. Now they want to go after young yuppies that are all driving Beemers and other hipsterish type cars.

Although Lincoln is trying to turn itself around, it hasn't been enough, nor do they have any current cars in their lineup that are honestly exclusive or superior to any of the luxury imports. Their styling isn't helping the cause either.