1988 Lincoln Town Car 4 door sedan 302 ci. 5L from North America


A luxury yacht for the road


I had all of the repairs done at Midas.

The whole exhaust system had to be replaced, which was very expensive.

The tires needed to be changed to pass safety.

The brake pads, drum hardware, and emergency cable.

It had problems passing emissions testing. It failed numerous times before passing the day before Christmas.

General Comments:

The car is under powered for it's size and takes off very slowly.

It's very comfortable though.

It has many options that make it a pleasure to drive.

I like this car because of the size. It has a lot of room for passengers and cargo.

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Review Date: 30th December, 2002

1988 Lincoln Town Car Signature Series 5.0 Litre EFI from North America


A fine luxury car for its class and price


The smog pump had to be replaced at 80,000 kilometers.

General Comments:

The car rides really nice especially on the hi-way. Its like riding a limo.

The fuel consumption is not great. It eats lots of gas when driving in the city. Otherwise its reasonable for its age.

It has white leather power seats which makes it more comfortable. It can adjust easily to your comfort level to make the drive more pleasurable.

It is hard to keep the white leather clean though.

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Review Date: 5th October, 2002

1988 Lincoln Town Car Signature Series 5.0 from North America


Nothing rides like a Lincoln!


I had to replace the alternator and battery at 115,000 miles.

The vinyl roof is peeling (but I park outside year round).

Right rear window motor is worn out.

High beam dimmer switch does not always work properly.

Driver's side front door hinge is weak.

I recharged the air conditioner with the newer, environmentally friendly (weaker in my opinion), gas at 142,000 miles.

General Comments:

This car accelerates extremely well for it's age and size. Although it will not beat a sports car off the line in a drag race, once it is up and going, there is no problem passing anything on the road. Hills pose no threat to the speed you maintain on the highway.

Despite it's large size and boxy build, this car is easily maneuvered through tight parking lots and narrow city streets.

The car is easy to drive.

The quality and comfort of the ride is unsurpassed.

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Review Date: 25th September, 2002

30th Jan 2005, 19:15

I bought a 1988 Lincoln Town Car Signature Series today for $100. It is in exceptional condition believe it or not and only needs a $75 battery. I cannot wait to drive this beauty once I get my Drivers License.

22nd Oct 2010, 18:51

I love my Lincoln; it drives sooo smooth, and every thing on the car is in perfect working condition, and in my opinion, it feels like I'm driving my couch down the road.

10th Nov 2010, 18:51

I got one yesterday. A little bit over 73k in good condition. All I need now is a furcoat and a cane...

1988 Lincoln Town Car Signature 5.0 liter from North America


Pimp tastic high luxury automobile


When I first bought the car, I ran into some problems with it. Typically, as with most ford products, the power steering pump made that terrible "whining" noise. Once that was replaced, other "little" things started going wrong, such as the alternator, radiator, and the water pump. Mind you, my dad called these "little problems". serious work though. The half vinyl top was cracked and dried out, and in terrible condition. After sometime, the power moonroof motor began to give me trouble, but I learned that all I had to do was lubricate the track that the glass traveled in. I also "found" a small rust hole beneath the chrome trim along the bottom of rear drivers side.

General Comments:

All in all this was a terrific automobile. It had excellent acceleration, stuck to the road like glue with 205 60R15's. And the ride. Ahhh. It would put you to sleep if you weren't paying attention. I had very good luck with the car, until a fully loaded garbage truck decided to pull out in front of me on the highway. The car took a very, very hard hit on the right front. 70 mph into something that is totally unforgiving. I somehow pushed the front bumper up against the firewall. And even though it was a very bad crash, I only felt a little bit of force during the accident. The passenger compartment was never compromised whatsoever. Nothing got farther than the firewall. These cars were truely built with safety in mind.

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Review Date: 4th September, 2002

1st Feb 2006, 16:28

I am with you 100%. I own a 1988 Town Car and they are the only way to travel. I personally have driven the new town cars (1995-Date)... and although they are nice, they do not compare to the old boys still around on the block. My car is almost 19 feet long and when I get inside of it and take it on the road, I feel the respect. When I get on the expressway going 75, 80, or even 100 Mph I know that my boat will be there to protect me when another driver might "intervene". The truly are safe cars and deserve a wealth of respect for the engineering accomplishment and American statement that they made. I feel bad for any car that gets in a classic Lincoln's way.


12th Jul 2016, 01:54

The older Town Cars without crumple zone technology were actually extremely unsafe. A 2000+ Honda Civic would actually be safer.

12th Jul 2016, 20:00

No, they had an extremely effective crumple zone - the entirety of the other car. Nothing beats mass.

13th Jul 2016, 18:58

What's safer, this car or say a Mini Cooper or a new Fiat in a collision?