19th May 2008, 22:09

I owned a 1984 Lincoln Town car, teal in colour. It was the best car I've had. Very smooth driving, lots of room, can't find a better car to drive. I still wish I had one. I am back to driving chev impala which is what I always drove before the Lincoln. Great Cars too!!

8th Jun 2008, 12:07

It should be Fuel Injected unless someone swapped out the Fuel Injection and put a carburetor on it.

10th Jun 2008, 14:14

Hi, I have found out that the car is CFI (Centrifugal Fuel Injection) witch is basically a fuel injected carburetor! Instead of 2 barrels, its got two injectors in there place, other than that you treat it like a carb, you gotta choke it when its cold and so on... thanks for the replies!! Love the car.

O...PS I put the car on the weigh scale at my work 4329.67LBS.

25th Nov 2008, 22:20

I just bought 2 Town Cars for $500. Probably paid too much. One is a 1989 with a 5.0 litre and the other is a 1984 with a V-8 of some sort. Got the '89 running with just a fuel pump after sitting seven years. Smoked for about 5 minutes and ran like a charm. I did have to add 5.5 litres of tranny fluid. Brakes and exhaust are all good, just a short in the left lowbeam, thanks to some water. HaHa!!

31st Oct 2012, 21:02

In my opinion, the 1981-1984 Town Cars were the best years. They had that beautiful three light bar on the rear end and the fake wood paneling on the doors. The 1985-1989 Lincolns, in my opinion, looked cheaper in appearance. The steering wheel is the most obvious area where you can see what I mean. From 1981-1984, the cars had the nice looking fake wood on the wheel; in 1985, they made it look obviously out of plastic. The problem was partially addressed in 1988, but it was never really the same.