1984 Lincoln Town Car Signature Series 302 cid 5.0 L V8 from North America


The best of mid-1980s luxury


Driver's side parklamp fell off; very difficult part to get, and extremely difficult to replace by yourself.

Transmission slips in the cold at low speeds, but works flawlessly in warmer weather or when the engine warms up.

Engine will idle heavily in the colder weather.

Vacuum leak made the car sound like a piece of junk. Taken care of.

Blew a brake line at a stoplight; fixed.

Makes a funny thrusting noise when at a stop sometimes.

Leaks oil from the gasket, will fix soon.

I think the fuel injection system is good, but it has some issues with starting and running occasionally.

Has trouble getting up steeper hills, especially on the highway, probably due to the underpowered 302 V8, but could be a result of the vacuum leak.

Half-vinyl top isn't in the best shape, but it's presentable.

Bad gas mileage; about 8 around town and 12-13 on the highway.

General Comments:

Despite all the problems that I've had with the car, I still think it's an incredible driving experience that can't be matched by most modern vehicles.

The ride is great; however, this is best experienced from the passenger's or back seat.

The car is no performer; however, it will move when you need it to, so that's fine with me.

The 302 V8 is very quiet when warmed up (as the vacuum leak no longer makes the car sound like crap).

While no performer, the car is faster and handles better than most would initially think.

I get horrible gas mileage usually; however, on longer trips the fuel economy gets better.

The most comfortable and roomiest car I've ever been in. The car also looks incredible, especially in dark blue.

This car is all original stock, no big rims, no mods of any kind, just the way I like it.

For the amount of mileage on it, the car runs like it's much newer (despite the flaws mentioned). I think it will do many hundreds of thousands of miles without issues.

I seriously think that the 1980 Continental and the 1981-1984 Town Car are the best years for the 1980s models, as in 1985 the Town Car interior got a lot more plasticky, especially on the steering wheel. However, I do think that the future advances on the Town Car (a better multi-port injection system introduced in 1986) help compensate. I also like the three bar taillights far better than the rear lights seen in the later models.

My friends all agree that this is the finest riding and most comfortable luxury car they've ever been in. Not a bad deal for $750 at all. However, it does have some issues that I am currently working on fixing.

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Review Date: 13th January, 2013

14th Jan 2013, 13:53

Owner here, just got the exhaust leak, brakes, hoses, and water pump fixed. Total cost was $897 for everything.

14th Jan 2013, 14:15

These are incredible cars. Unmatched in interior comfort and luxury, even compared with modern $50k luxury sedans.

As for the small engine issues, I would recommend filling up the tank and adding a $5 bottle of fuel injection/carb cleaner found at gas stations. Great budget fix.

As well, what works really well is running a tank of premium gasoline, especially Shell nitrogen enriched. Cleans out your fuel system and helps a lot, especially if the car has been sitting for a while, or has been run on regular gasoline for a long time.

Enjoy your beautiful car, they don't make them like this anymore, and probably never will again.

1984 Lincoln Town Car Signature Series 302 cui from North America


5000lb king of the road!!!


Just installed 4 shocks.

New brakes front and rear @143k.

Sway-bar links @147k.

Brake lines @147k.

Some fuel lines @148k.

Fuel filler has a small leak.

Catt air tube leaking.

Passenger rear window needs a gear set.

General Comments:


I bought this car from the original owner in Jan '08, it had 143000KM on it and been in a slight shmuck-em-up.

Paid $300 for the car, and it cost another $400 to get her on the road, and has been better than my '92 Grand Marquis has ever been! I still don't know if its TBI or Carb, but it is a 302cui (someone help!).

Has a velour interior with everything power working except the radio antenna (stuck up). Even the air blows cold! Factory aluminum rims and half vinyl roof. Cruise, auto-climate control, tilt wheel, auto headlamp dimmer and I could go on forever with the features!

Fuel economy is by no means the best, but hey I paid $700 all together for the car, so that's a lot more money in my pocket to pay for fuel (as apposed to paying $30k for a new car)!

Overall it handles and accelerates like a heavy car, but will smoke little Honda's!mJust a beautiful car to drive! Always get a Thumbs Up or Nice Car from complete strangers.

Clearcoat is impeccable and very shiny still, and has been Wax-All'ed and Oil Undercoated for its entire life! LOVE MY YACHT! LOL.

PS If anyone can help me figure out if it's TBI or Carb let me know! bigg_timmy90@yahoo.ca


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Review Date: 29th April, 2008

2nd May 2008, 19:49

The '84 Town Car didn't weigh anywhere near 5,000 lbs. A loaded model weighed just over 4,000. These cars often weighed somewhat more than 5,000 lbs before they were down-sized in 1979 but not after they shed over a foot of length and a couple inches of width for 1980.