21st Dec 2015, 19:49

Who's talking about using 3000 PSI? The commenter said he power washed the inside after someone smoked in the car, and I agree that if the roof liner or seats get wet, it won't make any difference if it's a hose or power washer delivering the water. Under the hood, it's a different story. Rubber hoses with tight seals, casings, etc all keep everything safe from water. Whether you sprinkle water or stick your thumb in the end of the hose to give it pressure, I wouldn't think that'd be a problem.

22nd Dec 2015, 14:41

It can be. Detailing was commented upon inside and under the hood. My family owns an automotive center. As a practice there's no pressure washing. In fact none of cars go through even car washes with harsh detergents. All are done by hand out of direct sun. Use good products and avoid dish detergents and silicone based products. That's the safest advice I've got offer to the mass of individuals on this website. Hopefully your efforts will garner some trophies lining the shelves.

25th Dec 2015, 11:25

I show my cars like the Mustang guy. You have to be extremely careful or your show car can become a driver quality car quite quickly. Putting the wrong car care products on the wrong areas can damage clear coats and interiors. Even car dressings. Using the wrong type of cloths or ones that pick up grit can scratch paint. Silicones that fog up windows and cause accelerated dry rot. I use a hose only, multiple buckets with clean microfiber cloths, changed often. And done in the shade. I have a nice power washer and don't use it on my cars. I use it on my truck's bedliner, cleaning my Boston Whaler and boat trailer after having it out. And the siding on my house and lawn furniture. It's not used anywhere on my cars either. I actually etched my driveway with pointing the tip at the wrong angle. I am not about to put it on a high end paint job. Or spray battery acid seepage from the battery case across my immaculate chrome and paint job under the hood. I still have the tags from the factory on areas such as the sway bars that I do not want hit with a power washer. I saw a flood victim late model VW that had water destroy the electrical system under the rear seat. Another issue is water getting introduced and trapped under chrome window mouldings, especially the rear window area. I go light with the hose; only enough to rinse off the dust. Then use the microfiber cloths to dry. Then use the pink spray gloss enhancer; Adams is a good one. Leave the pressure washer in your shed.

26th Dec 2015, 15:47

WOW! What kind of cars do you show?