18th Jul 2011, 11:59

Those are great cars that Ford made... they were good even in the lean times that Ford had.

Other good cars that Ford made that are under $4000.00 are the Ford Crown Victoria 01-03... Lincoln Continental 01-02... Mercury Grand Marquis 01-03. Also, don't pay over 4000.00 for them unless they are exceptionally clean with maintenance records and low mileage... just move on... they made a lot of them.

Also pay the $40-80 fee to have a mechanic inspect it and get it on a lift for any frame or body damage... they say that 1 out of 5 used cars has been in some type of accident... and you might hide bondo from the outside of the car... but not underneath it.

Also for other great used cars that you can have for a fraction of what they cost new... review this year's 2011 Consumers Report Annual Auto Guide that came out in April... only the top reliable cars make it on their list.

Regardless of what car you buy... do your homework... listen for noises... get it out on the freeway... put the pedal to the metal... check the trunk and carpet for any smells... check every switch light and blinker on it... check the electrical antenna... if more than one thing doesn't work... don't buy it...

24th Dec 2014, 21:58

"Truthfully" means that the car is straightforward when something is wrong, it lets you know about it instantly. And it was true to its owner; me.

25th Dec 2014, 23:16

My mom has driven Lincolns since the early 80s, with one disastrous departure to Volvo in 2003, then back to Lincoln. The Lincolns have all been absolutely flawless and far more comfortable than other relatives BMW's and Mercedes. Not one of them has ever required a single repair of any kind. Due to ill health she is sadly having to part with her last Lincoln, a 2009 model. It has 80,000 miles and still is in perfect condition.

26th Dec 2014, 12:09

Or the car was very easy to diagnose when any issues arose.