22nd Mar 2015, 03:35

Excellent review :)

You provide a myriad of good points!!!

The transmission advice in particular is worth echoing for ALL MAKES.

Transmissions have become fiendishly complex devices over the years to enhance efficiency. The price of this progress has been a reduction of the tolerance of indifference towards maintenance. To keep these units alive, don't be shy to do fluid and filter changes. You'll never regret it :)


12th Sep 2018, 14:17

Follow up on the original review;

After 11 years of ownership and 235,000 total miles I upgraded to a 2002 Town Car 2 weeks ago.

In the 3 years since I wrote the review I had to do another driver's window regulator, and a few original parts such as a wheel bearing, water pump and radiator.

The car still ran great and looked nice, but having a few cosmetic issues, and wanting a change, it was time to say goodbye. And it was not an easy thing to do after so long.

The old school gentleman that I purchased the 2002 from is a small independent private dealer who moves about 3-4 cars at a time and has Town Cars in his inventory quite often. I gave him the keys and title for the '96. In return I got $1,000 dollars knocked off the price of my new one.

The cool part is that he liked the look of the old '96 and said that despite the age and high mileage, that he would clean it up, get the front seat and headliner redone and sell it instead of running it through the auction. Yesterday I checked his website and there she was looking as nice as the day I bought her.

I'm really going to miss this car and hope somebody enjoys it and takes care of it the way that I did.

After over a decade of reliability it was a no-brainer to purchase another Town Car. They really are great and the last of their kind.

I got a great deal on a beautiful diamond white 2002 with 124,000 miles. Checked it with a fine tooth comb and am satisfied on how it was maintained thus far. But that's a story for another time, as I will likely post a review after a few years of ownership.

As far as the old '96, I will say again, "long may you run".

12th Sep 2018, 18:42

Nice story, thanks for sharing. What is the mileage on the 2002? How much did you pay?