9th Sep 2004, 13:56

Many of the under dash bolts could be loose. Many things on these cars require on in/lb torquing of the bolts. Don' be alarmed.

26th Apr 2005, 11:42

Hello I own a 1979 Lincoln Town Coupe and I love it!

I am currently fixing it up and need parts, anyone that have any ideas on where best to find them? Please send an email to me directly pkjell@attglobal.net.

Much appreciated.


20th Nov 2005, 12:56

Also a '79 TownCar Continental owner,& love it. You pay for the class with gas, but it turns heads and gets a "thumbs up" from young and old alike. My burgundy will be repainted black, with black vinyl top, and limo-black tinting on that back windows with 25% tint up front. My problem is installing a new receiver. I have to find a piece of veneer that matches the fake wood pattern and have it routered to fit the dash with the proper cutout for the CD player. Upgrade the standard speakers, add a couple of $100 amplified Bazooka from Wal-Mart on either side of the trunk, and you should have a decent sound system to match its stately looks for about $400 minus the cost of the receiver.

The rear sags a little from age, so either I have to shim up the springs, or add air-shocks to keep it level. I also have the front window problem of the windowette lagging in its up travel, but the rears operate flawlessly.

But, I LOVE driving it. A bulletproof car that shrugged off 2 deer with NO damage, and did a 2K mile roadtrip with ease and total comfort. Keep these cars up; you'll get the praise from onlookers!

16th May 2006, 00:56

Why don't you just replace your coil springs. If the car sags, replace the springs and your shocks since they are being exposed to much more load duhhh.

16th May 2006, 15:07

These Lincolns can be a little more complicated than simply "replacing the coil springs." Many of them have an air ride suspension, and the "springs" are like an air shock that is tied to a system that pumps them up or down based on road conditions, using a computer. There can be tubing and wires and metal cutting involved.

27th May 2006, 23:52

The 1979 Lincolns didn't have air ride. You can simply replace the coil springs and shocks. The only computer on this car is the ignition module and automatic climate control, if equipped. I have a gold 1979 Town Coupe and I love it to death. I've owned Cadillacs of the same year and there is no comparing the two. This car drives and rides like no other and I wouldn't trade it for one half it's age. You do pay for it in gas, but they weren't designed to be fuel friendly. This car was for rich people and it almost still takes one to have now! lol They are wonderful and I hope to enjoy mine for many years to come. I hope you all love yours equally. It breaks my heart to see one in disarray.

10th Jan 2007, 22:38

Where is it possible to find parts for these great old Town Coupes? We have a blue '78 that needs a few interior parts.


- NM.


3rd Feb 2007, 17:08

I have a 79 Lincoln Continental, with the 400 2 barrel.

Bought it for $100, and spent about $350 on repairs, including having the rear U-joint on the rear of the drive-shaft repaired.

Transmission develpoed some trouble, so I got it rebuilt. (cost me about $635)

Now I'm getting about 24mpg on the highway. Just cleaned the carborater, changed the oil and plugs after I decided to keep it.

Planing to rebuild the carborater, and some other minor maintinance/upgrades to the motor.

I pulled it out of a field for the motor, but the car's condition was too good to just junk, so I decided to keep it.

Right rear window is a bit iffy in operation, but I'm working on that. Interior was dirty, but otherwise about 95% perfect. The power antenna even works! A few minor rust spots on the outside. I really need exhaust though!

I know some are thinking "no way your are getting 24mpg in that car". I don't know if it is the way I drive, or the way I tune my cars, but I've gotten 23mpg in a 83 F250 with a 300-6 and 33" tires. Also got 30mpg in my 88 Crown Victoria (ex-police car). Only hint I can give, (do it at your own risk, and listen to see if it is pinging!) I set my timing 2 degrees advanced of the factory settings. Runs great for me.

Worked on every ford motor I've ever used it on! Although I haven't messed with the timing on the Lincoln, yet.

14th Mar 2007, 22:58

I used to think the older Lincolns (anything before 1992) were ugly and big, until I went to a car show in 2000 and saw so many different makes and models of beautiful cars. When I see cars from the past, I appreciate them now and take my family to different car shows. We have been going ever since then, several times a year when the weather breaks.

26th Mar 2007, 22:06

I have owned many of these cars including a 79 Collector Series Town Car, a 79 Town Coupe, a 79 Collector Series Mark V, and three other 70's Lincolns. I just sold my 73 T-bird, billed as the poor man's Lincoln. By far my favorites are the Lincolns.

A good place to find parts is Lincoln Land in Florida, they have everything. They aren't cheap, but they got what you need. I still have $500.00 worth of side view mirrors for my Town Coupe in my basement.

9th May 2007, 06:11

One great source of parts I've found is Lincoln Land in Florida. They have a nice supply of parts, and are very helpful on the phone. I think their website is at www.lincolnlandinc.com.

Good Luck! I own a 1979 Town Coupe, and it's my third Lincoln (formerly owned a '65 convertible and an '88 TC). They really do exude pure class.

3rd Jul 2007, 12:09

I've been watching a late 70s Town Car in my neighborhood (probably a 77-79) for a for sale sign... no question, these are GREAT cars. My present car is an 89 Trooper (which I will never sell... talk about disparity, Town Car vs. Isuzu!). It probably gets the same gas mileage as the Linc, about 13/18.

Have you thought about adapting a late GM TBI system (like, from a 454 Chevy)? They are great systems, very simple, and could easily replace a complex carburetor with an adapter plate. GM HEI is also very nice, or MSD.

27th Aug 2007, 11:42

I own a '79 Town Car Continental with a full vinyl top and a big factory sunroof. I bought it from an auction for $250. I was trying to sell it about two years ago for the low price of $100 but after taking an auto body repair class, I am glad that I kept this car. I am in the process of restoring it to show room condition. This really is the best Lincoln ever built in my opinion.

14th Sep 2007, 08:18

Hey guys!!!

I have a 83 Lincoln Town Car. Just got it.

1. How do I check my steering wheel bolts?? I don't want anything crazy to happen.

2. It's brown, and I don't want to lose the classic look, but please feel free to give me some color suggestions...