23rd Sep 2007, 18:19

Just bought a 1979 collectors series town car on e-bay. Flew down to S.C. to bring it back. Discovered several things wrong including that it wouldn't idle. I did find, however, that this car is the best riding luxury car that I have ever owned. I have owned 6 cadillacs over the years, ranging from 1955 to 1987. This fellow needs a good bit of work which I will be systematically attacking over time. All-in-all I'm glad I bought it.

3rd Oct 2007, 22:08

I have a 79 Town Coupe that is in need of a motor. Mine came with a 400. I know they also came with 460's. Will any other Ford Motor fit right in besides those two? I met a guy who has a 390 that he wants to sell. Will it fit without modification. Or what other motors will fit?

17th Nov 2007, 21:03

Question, how rare is the 1979 lincoln town coupe in, say, 85 or 90% perfect condition?

6th Apr 2008, 03:26

I put a comment regarding my 79 Town Coupe on July 2, 2007, then on Aug 23 2007 my beloved car was STOLEN! I had lost all hope and proceeded to look for another car when police recovered it on Jan 14, 2008. The stereo and speakers gone, everything dirty, gas tank and exhaust damaged. $5,000 later, I had an original quadrasonic 8 track on it, brand new original carpets, rechromed rims, most important of all, an aftermarket grant wood 3 spoke steering wheel with the security system that allows me to take it off and take the thing with me. I also had the top of the line alarm system installed as well... I am glad I got great insurance! Owners beware this car is HOT HOT HOT!! Now I am back cruising with more class and a rebuilt engine (400 miles on it now), deep throaty rumbling sound c/o twin 3 inch stainless exhaust... oh yeah baby!!! (PS I got an almost brand new complete dash off ebay at super low price, so the car's "face" got a great upgrade as well!!!)

8th Apr 2008, 22:12

I'm happy to hear that your car was recovered!

18th Apr 2008, 23:16

I have a 79 Lincoln Continental, Bought the car 5 years ago for $300. God I just love this car. But recently I had to have the Driveshaft repaired. Needless to say it didn't hold. The Ball socket area on the rear fell apart again. Does anyone know where I can get a driveshaft from? I have spent weeks trying to find one here in Minnesota, but they say that they are scraping any old car that comes in because of how high the scraping price is right now. As for the rear of the car sagging I just put in a set of Hi-Jacker air shocks, helped out the appearance of tail dragging a lot the car now sits level.

Looking for a driveshaft, Thanks. James.

21st Apr 2008, 20:43

Go to www.lincolnlandinc.com for your parts. They specialize in the older Lincolns :)

24th Aug 2008, 23:14

August 24,2008.

Looking for Lincoln parts response:

Hi, I have just inherited a 1979 (blue) Collectors Series 4 door Lincoln. I don't know if it is drivable but might someone/anyone be interested in buying it to use for parts. I have some photos.

Thank you,


26th Aug 2008, 19:59

Don't junk it! Post an add on Kijiji or Craigslist, to try and sell your car. Good luck!

21st Sep 2008, 22:08

I'm not an auto-appraiser but your Town Coupe (in it's current state) is probably worth between $800-$1000...It wouldn't hurt to have the car professionally appraised, if you're looking at selling it for a fair market-value.

23rd Feb 2009, 10:15

I own a very very nice 1979 Town Coupe. Black with all the bells and whistles, black coach roof (perfect) straight as new, body. Factory dark tint windows.

It is as described in other comments, a very nice ride. I bought mine at an auction in Murdo Sd in May of 2007. Drove it 1300 miles home to Ohio, averaged between 18 and 19 mpg.

I bought mine basically for a cruiser to take to car shows. Have already won one trophy.

It has the 400 engine. Runs great. Has 111k miles on it, but still runs like new.

The only thing that does not work is the cruise, and I am in the process of taking car of that minor problem.

I am well satisfied. I have owned Cadillacs, Mercury Grand Marquis, but never a car as nice and luxurious.

It also has an upgraded stereo, but I have the original 8 track quadraphonic. And an extra clock and vacuum motors for the head lights that are in working condition, as well as the original radio bezel, so the stereo can be put back in to original condition.

Is it for sale? Not only no, but *&%% no.


14th Jul 2009, 07:17

My 79 TC has the 351-400, original w/2bbl, now Edelbrock and Holley 750. Need headers that will fit. My shade-tree mech beat the crap out of a set of Hookers, after three tries... he gave up. I'm getting the feeling that the only way is to have them custom-made. I want 3" with H crossover.

I am seriously contemplating removal of the vinyl section of the roof and making it a Ranchero TC. Sort of a Cabriolet style... with roof over the front seat positions, partition and 3/8" Lexan "Barracuda" style removable hardtop.

Any thoughts?

14th Jul 2009, 12:45

Yeah, I have some thoughts...

If you want a loud truck, go buy a truck.

If you want a Ranchero, go buy a Ranchero.

You shouldn't gut a beautiful car like that for some half-cocked custom job that will probably be done with lots of bondo and little skill involved.

And just so you know, I am not some old man, I am a 26 year old lead technician for a dealership who owns 7 Lincolns of the Mark series from 1971-1979. None of them sound like a truck, but they all have had some mods done to the engine. the trick is to do it in a way that is tasteful to the car. You can modify all you want as long as you understand that it is a LINCOLN, and there are some things that shouldn't be done

Poor car...

29th Jul 2009, 23:24

I am miserable. My car has been sitting outside since Spring with a destroyed engine wiring system. I don't know what to do, does anyone know any places in the Saskatoon, North Battleford, Lloydminster Saskatchewan Canada area? I'm getting close to giving up hope.

1st Aug 2009, 20:39

"destroyed engine wiring system"

Spark-plug wires, battery cables, etc? Go to your nearest autoparts store to pick these items up, if you're able to install them yourself. The old Lincolns are easy to work on and aren't filled with electronics like the newer ones...

10th Aug 2009, 04:00

I have a Lincoln Continental Town Coupe 1978 with 400 cu. in. It needs new shocks. I am just wondering which one would I buy: standard shocks or gas shocks. Which ones do you have, and is there any big difference?

Matti, Finland, Europe.

10th Aug 2009, 13:26

To the most recent comment:

As all shocks are filled with a type of gas, so I am assuming you mean regular shocks or "air" shocks. I have Monroe Sensetrack shocks(regular shocks) on my 78 Mark V and I am very happy with them, I have a smooth ride as well as decent handling (As decent as handling can be on a 4300 lb car, LOL). You can pick them up at any major parts chains, or if you want original equipment, you can go with Lincoln Land out of ClearWater FL.

I wouldn't go with air shocks because you have to do some modifying to run an air line up to the trunk to place a valve stem for adjustment. Seemed like too much of a pain for something I didn't really need. But it's all in what you perfer. Air shocks do give you a little smoother ride and come with the ability to adjust rear ride height, but regular shocks are just bolt on and go (with a little alignment adjustment of course)