18th Aug 2005, 07:03

I don't have a bumper for sale for such a nice cruiser (have a '77 Lincoln Continental Town Car 460 4BBL myself and have had one before), but it may be helpful to know which bumper you need, front or back.

Cruise on y'all.

18th Aug 2005, 07:05

P.s.: 1977 through 1979 bumpers will fit perfect and are exactly alike for the front bumpers, if it's the rear bumper you can search as far back as the 1974 model.

Good luck finding one, it's out there, Marvin.

1st Feb 2006, 01:03

Anyone know why the Cartier clock seems to stop working on these Lincoln boats? How do you get these things to work again? Tug.

16th May 2006, 00:54

Take it out and re lubricate it. You can find places that professionaly rebuild the clocks and put a new quartz movement into them, its expensive though.

2nd Aug 2006, 14:53

I recently purchased a '78 Lincoln town car from a little old lady for dirt cheap. She has only driven it to the grocery store once per week since her husbands death 9 years ago. She was the original owner of the car and it has been garage kept for the duration of its life except the past 10 years. it has 92,000 miles on it and only has one dent in the passenger side rear door. The driver side window doesn't work. The gas mileage is just too much for me, so I must sell it. I was wondering, how much is it worth? Please drop me a line at jimbobjoebob@hotmail.com thanks.

3rd Aug 2006, 07:41

Transportation special. $600.

6th Jul 2008, 15:26

Does anyone know where I can find information or a schematic on the Headlight vacuum system? I can't get my headlights to go down when they are not being used.

8th Jul 2008, 00:37

If the car has an owner's manual, the info should be in there. If not, try to locate a shop manual.

23rd Jun 2009, 15:44

Hi, I have to agree first and foremost with the comfort and reliability of these old cruisers. I have a 1977 Town Car "Harold" and I am extremely happy with it.

He has a few minor problems, though.

The temperature gauge does not seem to work at all.

The automatic headlights turn on and off throughout regular daily driving They always turn on at night automatically, and I cannot turn them off.

There is a leak in the vacuum lines somewhere and the headlight covers open after the car is shut off.

The car does not start right away after sitting overnight. If I pump the gas pedal about 7-9 times it will start right up, but otherwise it takes a lot of cranking.

Are these common problems? Has anyone else had these problems and if so, did you fix them? How did you go about it?

-Eric C, a lover of Lincolns.

22nd Jul 2009, 14:13

To the person who posted the comment regarding a schematic for the headlight cover circuit on 6th Jul 2008, 15:26

You did not say what year vehicle you need this for. I have both the owners manual and the shop manual for 1979 Lincoln Town Car. Neither contain a schematic however the shop manual gives the following trouble shooting guide for: HEADLAMP COVERS WILL NOT CLOSE - STANDARD SYSTEM

1. Check the by-pass valve by turning it to the normal position, and placing the headlamp switch in the OFF position.

2. Check for leaks and kinks or obstructions through the check valve from the intake manifold.

3. If any irregularities are found, repair or replace the hose between the intake manifold and the check valve.

4. If no irregularities are encountered, disconnect the reservoir hose at the check valve. Check the hose and reservoir for leaks.

5. If leaks are found, replace or repair as necessary.

6. If no leaks were found, check the valve port that connects to headlamp switch for vacuum and leaks.

7. If a leak is found, replace the check valve.

8. If no leak is found at the check valve port, check the valve port that connects to the headlamp switch for vacuum and for leaks.

9. If a leak is found, replace the check valve.

10. If no leak was indicated check the headlamp switch, hoses, connectors and motors in the open circuit (green hose) for kinks or obstructions.

11. If kinks or obstructions are found, replace or repair as necessary.

12. If no kinks or obstructions are found, check for leaks or obstructions at the headlamp switch, hoses, connectors and motors in the close circuit (yellow hose)

13. If leaks or obstructions are found, replace or repair as necessary.

14. If no leaks or obstructions were found, check the head- lamp cover mechanism for binds, and replace or repair as necessary.

Hope this helps. Good Luck!

2nd May 2011, 18:52

For MAX MPG with the 460.

TIP. DO NOT disconnect the EGR valve. With it working, it will allow you to advance the timing a little extra, which will get you extra MPG.

TIP. Cold air only for the air intake at the air breather.

TIP. DO NOT rev the 460 engine into the high RPM range EVER.

Mine is a 1977 Lincoln town car 4dr Williamsburg edition.

I regularly bet people I can put anyone to sleep if they sit in the back seat as I drive (I have not lost a bet yet).

I get an amazing 20 MPG on the highway with my 460.

FACT. You CAN fit 40 cases (YES 40 cases) of 24 beer into the trunk and close it!!! Try that with your car!

3rd May 2011, 22:47

The rear suspension would be cursing your name... I'm the owner of a '79 Town Car and I don't abuse it.