16th Aug 2006, 12:28

Like many others I had to pay out $1000 in repairs on my 1997 Lincoln Town Car due to a leaking intake manifold that is made from some type of plastic.. the service manager at the Ford garage that did the repairs seemed rather surprised when I informed him that I knew that this wasn't an isolated incident, that this had happened too many unsuspecting Lincoln owners, but the mechanic told me that he had replaced several of the manifolds.

My email to the Lincoln Motor division has gone unanswered, and I doubt if I will hear from them unless I take some sort of legal action. If I am not reimbursed for these repairs, then I have purchased my last Town Car. Lexus and BMW sure look good to me!

27th May 2010, 02:01

This is being posted in May of 2010 about my 1997 Lincoln Town Car-Signature Series - It's been well cared for before I bought it. It just turned 13. I bought it 2 years ago. I love this car. My fave of all cars ever owned (has been many).

I too, had to replaced the exhaust-upper intake manifold.

My only problem, I'm aware of, is the air shocks/bags. Those are why it seems like you are driving on air, sitting on your living room couch.

I want to keep this car forever - much to many friends' dismay! They call it a money pit. It's 13!

I got lucky with the air shocks, I think, and found some used at a well known salvage yard. About $100 a piece! Labor is about the same cost.

Anything else I can look forward to? I am widowed with a small son and live without family near by. I am in school full-time (at a late age - returning) and need a dependable car. This car is ready to hit 2,000,000. Comments anyone?

31st May 2010, 15:10

200,000 or 2,000,000?? Is that miles or kilometers? Anyway, you should hold onto the car, especially if it's solid underneath. Other than the common problems you've already experienced, there really isn't much more to worry about. Just keep an eye on those fluid levels and take care of regular maintenance items :)

14th Jan 2012, 13:32

2,000,000 miles or kilometers is still a lot either way. Ford and Lincoln did a good job with these cars (except for the intake manifold defect), and one thing is for certain, they sure don't build them like this anymore.

Hold on to that car until it dies, it is well worth the cost, and is superior to most of today's "luxury" cars.