18th Feb 2008, 17:31

Since the parent company (Toyota) is in such a nosedive as far as quality and reliability is concerned, I think I'd be a bit cautious about calling a Lexus "reliable". As for BMW, the reliability ratings are far BELOW that of the Lincoln MKZ or even the less costly Ford Fusion. The Accord might be a worthy competitor as far as reliability if one factors in the cost of several new transmissions during the car's lifetime.

26th Dec 2008, 00:27

Looking for some help? Have an '06 Lincoln Zephyr, and the trans seems to make loud knocking sounds when stepping on gas, on the highway or quick pull outs. The car only has 22000 miles on it. I spoke to a Lincoln tech who said the trans light would come on if there is a trans problem. Any similar problems?

26th Jan 2009, 18:21

Trans knocking on acceleration. Sounds like a transmission mount or torque arm.

2nd Mar 2009, 11:47

I am going a little off topic here. You can raise engine efficiency by increasing the compression ratio. A higher compression ratio requires higher octane fuel to prevent pre-ignition. In Europe i.e. even many of the very small cars have high compression ratio engines and require premium fuel -- because the better fuel mileage save a bundle of mullah!!

1st May 2009, 16:08

Is the Lincoln Zephyr expensive to fix... like alternator? Brakes? Lights?

My 03 Cadillac cost an arm and a leg for anything to be done, and looking for a similar car, but not as expensive to fix. Is it true Lincoln is also very expensive to fix?

29th May 2009, 14:35

Next time your Caddy needs fixing take it to you usual shop (dealer?) and get a free estimate. Then take it to an independent shop and get a free estimate. Then go online and check the spare part prices with those from Auto Zone, O'Reilly or others.

You can probably keep your Caddy and save a lot of money with the independent shop. That shop may actually give you a break on some parts prices once he sees the quotes by the parts stores.

If you have a Lincoln, do the same, if you have a Honda do the same, if you have a Lamborghini I wish you good luck.

5th Sep 2009, 14:43

I purchased my used Lincoln Zepher after getting tired of my big Caddy 2000 Deville. Loved the ride, but could no longer afford the gasoline & the often monthly repair bills. The Zepher is totally different. It rides smooth for such a small car. And I've only had it a few months. I had one repair. The steering fluid was leaking. The warranty covered it. What I like most is that I feel like I am helping to keep America working. I know that some foreign cars are made right here. But for some reason, I just feel a little better. Hell my television, DVD blue ray etc... is all foreign made so they get enough money from me. So not my car. I will try to buy American whenever possible.

17th Feb 2010, 15:09

I'm considering purchasing a 2006 Special Edition Zephyr with 31,000 miles. Used they are asking $15,000 tags and title included. Does anyone have additional input on this car now?

I had a 1999 Lincoln Continental that required $7,000 worth of repairs when it hit 80,000 miles. Has anyone experienced expensive repairs on this model or a similar one?

Those of you who loved your car, do you still feel that way in 2010?

Thanks. Trisha Rose.

6th Mar 2010, 16:54

I have a 2006 MKZ. The Zephyr names was dropped towards the end of the 2006 model year. I have 58,000 miles on it and it still runs as new. The engine is quiet while cruising, but has a nice roar to it when accelerating. I am 6'6" tall and the car is very roomy. I have a sun roof and it still is easy for me to fit in.

Everywhere I go people comment on its good looks. Even after 4 years and all those miles, it is still smooth riding, quiet, and the fit and finish are all as new.

I look at the Toyota's, Honda's BMW's etc of the same vintage and they don't seem to hold up as good. The 2006 Caddy CTS looks ancient beside the MKZ.

All in all, I would highly recommend the 2006 Lincoln as a great value and a great/ classy ride.

20th May 2010, 17:11

I bought a new 2006 Zephyr and the only problem I've had was learning how to spell the name right!

Before that I drove Town Cars and never had a problem except affording a new one, each one of them was a used car. The pricing on the Zephyr allowed me to buy a brand new car.

I now have 47000 miles. Most of them cross country miles as I was moving from OH to TX and made and still make long distance trips. I just replaced the Michelin tires, would have liked to replace them, but they are a little overpriced, would have cost over $1000.00. I ended up buying NITTO, which actually surpassed the Michelin in specifications and costing $300.00 less and had a higher mileage lifetime. I had them filled with nitrogen, so will see if that helps increase the life of the tire.

I enjoy getting into my Zephyr every time, it brings a smile to my face each and every time I get into it. I am 67 years old and never had a car do that for me, LOL. For the money I spent, I received an excellent car.

Right now I am fighting off the urge to buy a new MKZ. It's hard to pass the dealership and not want to go in and look at them again and again. I have to realize I am retired and the economy these days is not very conducive to go and add on new debt, and they have raised the initial pricing by a 3K-4K which I think is a little steep considering the economic state of our country. I keep on saying to myself, this car is just fine, you've had no problems, you love it, why are you even looking???

I follow all the recommended service intervals and the oil is changed about every 3500 miles. I am coming up on my first big expense in getting the brake pads changed.

So, if the 2011 MKZ's are anywhere like the 2006 in changes and innovations, run don't walk and get one, or look for a good sale on the 2010, which I have researched ad nauseum. If your credit is good, 1.9% financing is available for 72 months plus a 2K incentive to buy.

Plus insurance costs were not prohibitive for a new car in 2006. When a hailstorm made the car look like it had a case of chicken pox and the damage was around 5K, Allstate came to the rescue. The labor was a lot more than the replacement parts.

20th Aug 2010, 06:54

We purchased a 2006 Lincoln Zephyr new. We had some battery cable problems due to the alternator over charging battery, which was covered under warranty. Two batteries later, they got it right.

The car has 100200 on it. Now when you accelerate at highway speed 65 mph, if you floor it, the transmission down shifts with a large bam, and loses power. If you accelerate slowly, it downshifts OK. Dealer said it needed A NEW VALVE BODY. $2200 PLUS ANYTHING ELSE WRONG.