7th Mar 2007, 19:55

But we haven't sent a rocket to the moon since the 1970's, which is back when cars were really great!

7th Mar 2007, 21:22

I'd have to say that the Cadillac CTS is an excellent car, though I can't say it is any better than the MKZ.

The MKZ is rated very highly in nearly every category, especially projected reliability. The Lexus is considerably more expensive, and in view of the huge number of Acuras with bad transmissions I'd be very wary of them.

As for service, in our area Lincoln service is MUCH BETTER than Ford service. Our family has recently owned both Fords and Lincolns and the Lincoln service was much better. It is sad that Ford service is so bad in many areas. Here it is the second worst on service, with Dodge and Toyota tied for worst.

8th Mar 2007, 07:53

I don't regret my decision to buy the car. I'm actually leasing it and I think I'll have a hard time ever buying a brand new car for this reason alone. The good thing about it is that I can turn it in and let Lincoln worry about the car. However, I don't want to hear some stupid buzzing noise for the next two years. Overall, I am very pleased with the car. You just don't expect it to have a problem like this that no one is able to fix. I don't care what type of car you buy/lease, there will be some problem with it eventually because human hands and human-programmed machines/computers are involved. However, it does boil down to service. I will say that the dealership I take my car to for service has been great to me. I don't blame them for the problem, I blame Lincoln, which is ultimately Ford. I can say that my dealership experience has been the only thing that has not made me totally furious at this point. I make sure to rate them high on the surveys.

8th Mar 2007, 08:30

Ford is the absolute worst, as Toyota at least fixes the problems properly the first time, and it does not take them 4 tries to fix the same problem.

14th Mar 2007, 16:20

Lincoln service departments are generally much better than Ford's. In our area the very worst service is Toyota (who have been featured in the news and had court settlements against them), followed very closely by Ford, but Lincoln service here is tops. Our family has owned several Town Cars and the service on them was excellent.

16th Mar 2007, 15:34

Commenter 08:30 obviously has not read the 2006 Camry reviews.

27th Mar 2007, 04:06

My 2006 Zephyr had the same buzz at ~ 1750 RPM. Lincoln resolved it completely with 1 visit and installation of what they called "anti-vibration tape" based on a TSB.


28th Mar 2007, 19:27

Unlike Ford (and the MUCH WORSE) Toyota service departments, Lincoln seems to offer very good service here in the Sunbelt. Mom never had a single problem getting anything she needed taken care of on her Town Car. She drove the Town Cars from 1984 to 2006 and never had a single problem with any of them.

29th Mar 2007, 08:39

I don't know about the quality of Lincolns, but I remember test driving an LS and was shocked at the respect and courtesy the salesman gave me. VERY unAmerican car dealership, more like Lexus.

5th May 2007, 12:41

Hey there! I am the original poster of the Zephyr review you read with the buzzing noise. I wanted to update you and tell you that they have fixed my car. It required a special exhaust part that they installed. It had to do with the pressure going through the exhaust manifold and they designed it too close to another part, so it would vibrate and make the buzzing noise. I simply went to the dealership and they had to special order the part. My car is seriously my favorite purchase and now that it doesn't make that noise anymore I feel completely confident in it. You can call my dealership in Manchester, NH... they are fully aware of this problem as my car was not the only one they had to do this for. I'm not sure where you are located, but they can definitely tell your local dealership the name and part number of the replacement piece. It is State Motors 800-343-8215. Believe me, have this fixed and you will truly love your car again! It was completely covered by the warranty too!

29th Dec 2008, 15:19

Let me recall: carburetor going out of whack and icing over, cold start troubles, changing ignition points every so often, a muffler once a year, adjust valve clearance, grease the chassis with every oil change, the basic stereo was a luxury item, rust galore, lousy gas mileage, but I agree: back in the seventies the cars were great, at least "great looking" with chrome bumpers and side molding, chrome rear view mirrors and chrome radiator grills, wood grain sides and vinyl roofs!