2005 Maybach 57 6.0 V12 from North America


You want real prestige and luxury? Well this is the car for you!


Nothing, I just got it recently, and it drives with no problem.

General Comments:

The most wonderful vehicle on the streets. All around the car is wonderful, and drives better than any car I have ever owned. This is my one and only best vehicle I have owned. It handles and drives better than my Silver Seraph.

If you have the money for this piece of art, buy it now, while they last in the market. You can ask Daimler Chrysler if they have one available, and if not you can still order it, which may take a few months.

I am greatly surprised how the vehicle accelerates. The car weighs so much ,though drives better than any car I have driven.

My final words are that if you live in a cold country, don't drive this piece of art in the snow. It's not worth your time, since it will probably wreck the name.

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Review Date: 16th February, 2005

18th Feb 2005, 08:59

Hard to imagine a person with the $ to buy this auto has the time to brag.

18th Feb 2005, 10:52

This person does not sound smart enough to have the means to purchase a car like this.

Maybe he is a lottery winner.

19th Feb 2005, 16:13

I agree, this review seems flawed. Sounds more or less like a joke than an actual owner. People who can afford a car like this (...and a Silver Seraph!) do not visit carsurvey.org and spew about their automobiles, unless he is a lottery winner.

Either way, I doubt the review is real. If it is, then congratulations to the owner, because his poor spelling and grammar are made up for through loads upon loads of money.

My 2 cents :)