25th Dec 2006, 10:00

Sorry, but cars are bought on psychographics and Maybachs are bought by rappers and others will new money and zero taste.

But the point is moot since Maybach sales are abyssmal and Mercedes will probably kill the brand since it is not really profitable.

26th Dec 2006, 15:40

I do agree with you that the Maybach is bought by celebrities with little or no taste, but then again perhaps it is marketed to the rappers. When the Maybach was launched in the US, Daimler Chrysler invited rich rappers like Jay Z to their launch, and they even "sponsor" rap parties, till this day, so you wonder who has no taste the manufacturer or the celebrities who have the cars marketed towards them! The only serious problem I have with the Maybach is its identity issues, sure its hard compare an S-class Mercedes, to a Rolls Royce Phantom, or the Bentley Arnage which both respectively are in a class of their own identity wise, but then you get a Pullman S class, and you wonder which car to buy between it and a Maybach 57s? I hear they are trying to fix this problem by creating a mid size Maybach no bigger than a Bentley Continental, we have to wait to see if that will help! So now I pose the question, if you had the money, would you buy the 2007 Maybach looking Mercedes S600 or pay ridiculously more for a similar featured Maybach?

24th Feb 2007, 19:39

I used to run a serious of bowling centers, and I one of my customers drove one. The first time I saw it I was confused because I had never seen one before. I knew it was an expensive car, but in person I was very unimpressed. It might have been the fact that the owner parked in the middle of the parking lot surrounded by ordinary cars in Annandale (a poor Korean area), but I when I really think about it, the car just wasn't that impressive. I have seen a Rolls Royce when Pharrell came to rent a video at blockbuster in Virginia beach, and I will tell you that that car is much more impressive.

25th Feb 2007, 09:49

With the reveal of the Ocean Drive four-door convertible concept, Mercedes is sending a clear signal that Maybach's days are numbered. And none too soon.

5th Jun 2007, 06:52

I sold my Maybach and bought a Mini Metro. High life just aint for me!

21st Jul 2007, 23:22

Something has been bothering me for quite some time now. Some surely undeserving rapper kid cruises up and down my lower-middle class street in a brand new maybach every once in a while. Does any one have any idea how this could even be possible?? Could it really be that easy to get one?

17th Jul 2009, 20:03

According to research the rappers only consist of a very small portion of Maybach purchases. It's usually white upper aged males that usually owns a company or two. AKA, the guy that own the rapper.

31st Oct 2009, 14:02

I've only seen a Maybach at the auto show in chicago a few years back and it was roped off then, but it was 1 guy who was allowed beyond the ropes along with a salesman, and everybody were wondering just who he was, he looked like he was pretty well off, and the salepeople were really sucking up to him. I just wish I can ride in one someday, because I know I'll never be able to buy one unless I too won the lottery.

13th Aug 2010, 23:46

I'm sure the Maybach is a technically accomplished car, but just one thing - how is that MB spent a fortune developing this car and re-launching this very old a largely forgotten brand - and came up with such a pig of a design?

It baffles me! Most people in the UK say this too, and I have to agree with them.

What is bizarre is that the car looks disturbingly like a Rover 75. This was a good but not great car that the Chinese are now trying to get back into production, but calling it a Roewe. Was probably the best car Rover built since the 1960's, and was designed by BMW, but was nothing to get excited about. Look it up on the Internet. Not only that, but the Rover 75 has the edge - more elegant all round.

These cars have no street cred here, are are cheap as chips second-hand, but well made, with wood & leather etc inside, bit like a poor man's Bentley.

There are a few Maybachs to be seen in central London, and they appear to be owned with people with more money than sense, and hideous taste. The kind of people who think solid gold bath taps etc. are cool. The RR Phantom is nicer all round and the better car, although not so subtle either. Neither is worth the money.

If impressing people and being loved is the goal, why don't they help the poor and disadvantaged in society?

Bit more memorable than blowing a fortune on such a vile machine.

24th Aug 2010, 16:55

I am shocked by MB's decision to relaunch Maybach with such a tacky monstrosity. I agree with most people, but I don't agree with the statement about a 40 grand Toyota. Toyotas are awful cars that lack design. They don't even have quality to back them up these days. A 40 grand Audi would be nice.

7th Jun 2012, 09:31

Poor spelling and grammar eh? Hmmm... In my travels, I have met super wealthy and successful individuals some with only a basic education. There is simply no correlation between one or the other in my opinion when it comes to your chances of achieving success. The person posting this review may well be a Walter Mitty and a fantasist, or indeed may be rolling around the palatial backseat of his Maybach laughing at the middle class wannabees trying to denigrate him or her, citing a less than perfect grasp of the language for such ridicule.

I have many primary, secondary and third level teachers/lecturers in my family who make a nice middle class salary and drive nice middle class cars like Avensis & VW MPV; they also like to snigger (like those above) at those who stumble when it comes to elocution, grammar etc.

I'd prefer to be in the back of the Maybach slobbering away and showing my lack of english language prowess, as I wave at those nicely spoken folks on their way to work in their nice Zafiras and 206's, as I head for my corporate jet, captained by another linguistic ignoramus, but supremely competent pilot.

18th Jun 2012, 14:05

The Maybach is simply a gussied-up last-generation S Class with a better interior. The cars are identical mechanically, and almost in exterior styling. Way to waste $250,000 for a badge-engineered car!!

14th Sep 2012, 15:25

I always wondered who made the rule that rich people can't visit carsurvey.org. Sounds to me like a bunch of people here are either jealous, or are the type of people who would get a bunch of money, and all of a sudden think things are beneath them.

I was visiting Carsurvey before coming "making it", and I will continue to do so afterwards because I like this site. Sounds like I might be one of the few that don't let money change me. I'm still the same bloke that was toiling away on the bottom of the totem pole, and the same bloke with a big office and more money to spend. I make money, money doesn't make me.

6th Jan 2013, 18:28

Good man, well stated!

6th Jan 2013, 19:27

Ah yes, the old private jet, what a way to travel and damn those serfs. I know, I once was one, and know full well the faux class begrudgery. If in the morning I lost it all and had to go about in a motorised wheelbarrow, I'd always look back and say it was a hell of a flight!

6th Jan 2013, 19:37

The Maybach looks like a 75... LOL. If so then Margaret Thatcher looks like Lady Ga Ga LOL.

They are not for sure beautiful, but neither are they vile.