1968 Mazda 1500 SS 1.5 Twin Carb from Australia and New Zealand


A torrid love affair on wheels


Complete and sudden brake failure.

Fuel pump.

Clutch master cylinder.

Gear shift boot.

Electric aerial.


Complete engine rebuild (lost compression). Cost $3,000, then sold!

General Comments:

Bought for $1,800 and sold for $7,500. Spent the difference in repair costs. In effect, a "free" car (no depreciation) over 7 years, which is pretty good.

Worst aspect of the 1500's is their weight (about 1000 kgs). The engine would be good in a car weighing 800 kgs, so it's very, very slow. A Mazda 1200/1300 is much, much faster. Feels as if the handbrake is on. Maximum torque in standard 1500 at only 2,500 RPM, and in an SS, 3,000 RPM, so very narrow torque band, and revving is useless. Noisy above 90km/h. A Mazda 1800 is smoother with better performance, but downmarket badging and interior. Why no 1800SS Mr Mazda?


Very difficult to drive. Accelerator either on or off.

Good points is that it looks amazing. Designed by Nuncio Bertone, so people never thought it was a Mazda (Triumph???).

Very high standard equipment... black interior roof lining, wood rim steering wheel, lockable glovebox with light, centre rear arm rest, electric aerial, carpets.

Unbelievable all round visibility. Like a BMW 2002. Very narrow A, B and C pillars. A real fish tank or lounge room on wheels.

Heavy weight and 14 inch wheels means good dirt round comfort.

Although a headache, regret selling and sorely missed.

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Review Date: 8th August, 2012

1969 Mazda 1500 Deluxe petrol from Malaysia


Its design and build were ahead of its time


The car was fully restored about 2 years ago. The original engine rebuilt with new pistons and rings.

The original tool bag and owners manual is still in the car.

General Comments:

With big wheels (14 inch) and soft suspension, the car was a pleasure driving on bad roads.

With manual column gear, there was lots of room in the front (needless to mention the rear)

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Review Date: 23rd October, 2008

23rd Aug 2012, 14:21

I want Mazda 1500 engine parts. Where you buy the parts? Please tell me jalal_din2003@hotmail.com.

1969 Mazda 1500 SUA 3.8 V6 from Australia and New Zealand


Pleasurable to own


The engine was excellent, but a lot under powered, the only thing I regret is loosing track of the engine as were we removed it the mechanics shut down & through it away.

General Comments:

This model car Should of come out with a V6 Buick engine as it fits so neat & out performs most cars in style & handling now. Love IT.

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Review Date: 11th February, 2008

9th Sep 2008, 21:40

Hi mate, can you contact me at leadguitar_323@hotmail.com. I am very interested in fitting a V6 commodore engine into my 1500 and would like to know what is involved.

Cheers Mick.

1989 Mazda 1500 1.5 petrol from Australia and New Zealand


Great for a cheap car


Occasionally the engine doesn't run at full power, although the problem fixed itself.

General Comments:

Satisfactory power, looks nice for an '89 model. Quite reliable, the familia model has all the extras and satisfies my needs nicely. Comfortable little car.

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Review Date: 9th June, 2003

1976 Mazda 1500 1.3 OHC from Australia and New Zealand


Hard to find in original condition, but well worth owning


Rear coolant elbow rusted out at 127,000.

Replaced all heater/cooling hoses at 128,000.

Engine fan needed replacing because the plastic had become chipped and damaged with age.

Rear bearings needed replacing at 129,000.

Speedometer & Cable need adjustment to stop bounce occurring at cold engine temps.

General Comments:

Fantastic car, FA3TS update is a bit more stable at high speed due to wider chassis rail spacing when compared to earlier STB models.

Power improved through the fitment of a 32/36 DGAV weber, but top speed is hampered by a 4spd gearbox and 4.11 diff ratio.

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Review Date: 2nd May, 2003

1969 Mazda 1500 Deluxe 1.8 SOHC from Australia and New Zealand


A gorgeous, reliable and lively classic


During 31 years virtually everything was replaced, including the engine (after around 300,000Km without rebuilding). The remarkably reliable though worn original engine was replaced by a 'VC' engine from a Mazda 929 in 1996, which boosted performance almost to new car level.

Valve spring snapped on the VC motor in 1999.

Head gasket leaked and was replaced in 1999.

General Comments:

Absolutely gorgeous Bertone designed classic, rewarding to drive yet practical, extremely reliable and sturdy.

My family owned the 1500 for 23 years before I sold the car in 2000, which never let us down. I still miss this car!

Even at 31 the 1500 was still quick, and the original automatic gearbox was still working well.

Handling was equivalent to or better than some cars from the 1990s that I've driven, with a pleasant hint of over-steer when driven aggressively.

Extremely well made. After 31 years the interior was almost as new.

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Review Date: 15th January, 2003

9th Apr 2004, 03:57


I have had 2 Mazda 1500, 1971 and 72 mod.

My first one went down at 427 000 km.

My second one went down at over 1 million km!!!

My dad bought the 71 mod in 1973 or 1974.

I still remember he bought the car. I was 5 or 6 years old. My dad gave the car to me when I was 20 and something. There were no problem with the car, except rust.

I owned the car for 3 or 4 years. Then it had to be wrecked. I miss the car a lot. I grow up together with the car.

My second one the 72 mod, was bought in 2000!! and had then allready turned 1 million. I had to buy it, my feelings for the car were to strong. I had this one for 6 months, then some problems with the propeller shaft and transmisson shaft, made it impossible to drive. I had no places to repair it, so it got wrecked in 2001. WITH HARD, HARD FEELINGS.

Anyway these car has been very, very reliable. Just start and drive. The first owner of the 72 mod, had only changed oil and so on on the car.

If I find any Mazda 1500, I will certainly buy it.

Mazda 1500 is one of the finest cars Mazda ever has built.

The front looks like Alfa "Bertone coupe" Guilia gt from 65 to approx. 75. Maybe the nicest car Alfa ever has built.

I live in Norway, and english is my second language. I still hope this was understandable.