10th Mar 2005, 06:04

My first car was a beautiful 1970 mazda 1500, deep red in colour, and in excellent condition!.I purchased it when I first got my drivers licence over 14 years ago. I bought it of an old friend of mine who was in his eighties at the time, and who owned it from new! So I was the second owner!!It only had about 50,000mls on it I think.

If only I knew what I had...

It ran very well for the years that I had it. The clutch was beginning to wear out, but it was over 28 years old at the time. Not too bad really.

Later, I also bought another 1500 as a wreck, which I intended to strip parts from to use on mine. Again, I didn't know what I had! This other vehicle was a complete 1500 ss. It had everything still on it, including factory fog lamps, badging, wooden steering wheel etc.

I ended up selling both for some stupid low price...and I REGRET this so much today!

So I guess mine is a sob story of sorts. I would love to find another 1500, preferably an ss, which I would now do up and restore back to original condition. These cars had real character and style, which remains good looking to this day.

If anyone is out there and thinking of just getting rid of what may seem to be a tired old car,. think twice. I loved my old 1500!

9th Jan 2006, 03:11

I bought a '70 1500 here in Australia in March '05. Previous owner had done a v nice new red paint job on it - it is a real head turner now! other than that it is orig condition and goes really nicely. It's a manual and since buying it I have only spent AUS$100 on it getting some electrics rewired and a v minor engine oil leak fixed.

I don't know much about them and am trying to find a workshop manual for one. Does anyone have one they'd be willing to part with?


28th Feb 2006, 05:30

Hi. Just bought a 68 Mazda 1500 sua for Aus $300 :) I really only bought it because they are fairly "rare". I needed to replace nearly all the light bulbs cause they where blown. It has shorts on the spark plug leads sometimes, so I am in the process of buying a new distributor cap. But hope to get it registered soon. The steering is a little loose so I need to get the ball joints replaced.

The motor has been rebuilt, new clutch and paint. Everything else is original and works perfect. What a bargain!

PS. I am waiting for my workshop manual to turn up. I bought it on EBay.. There is more there if others need them.

14th Mar 2006, 00:53

Hi Everyone,

I bought a Mazda 1500SS in good condition in 1996 For Aus $1,800. It had 101,975 miles. I sold it in 2003 for Aus $7,500. It was a torrid love affair which in the end became too much. I do miss her and know where she resides. Who knows, I could buy her back some day!

Dislikes - Was a manual and all ratios were short. Combined with a narrow torque band (max torque at 3,000rpm), there was no use reving beyond 3,500rpm. Like driving a diesel. Cruising speed was thus limited to < 90 kilometres. Stunk of petrol after filling the tank. This was also an issue with the 1800 model. The fuel pump went (leaking) on a stinking hot day and had to get a tow. The brakes failed with no prior warning. Had to do a $3,000 engine rebuild which markedly increased the torque in 4th gear, but only marginally in the first 3 ratios. Something also wrong with the ignition after the rebuild. At times nothing would happen on turning the key.

Likes - Nothing looked like this car. Gorgeous appearance. Low waist line and wraparound front and rear screens combined with slim pillars all round created 1st class visibility, particularly rearward. Good ride. Lovely interior. Very loud horn. Cross over wipers. High levels of equipment (wood rim steering wheel, bucket seats which reclined, electric aeriel, glove box light and was lockable, twin interior courtesy lights, rear seat armrest). I do miss her.

9th Jul 2006, 07:12

I have owned a Mazda 1500 since 1970. My first car was a white 68 1500 deluxe column shift with burgundy interior. I bought it with 44 thousand miles on the clock, and did 100,000 miles in it without a problem. Since then I have had at least nine other cars, and as they wore out, I put them in the shed. I have since wrecked all except four. A 69 1500ss, a 69 1500 deluxe column manual, a 69 1500 deluxe automatic, and a 70 1800 deluxe floor shift manual. I still drive them all; some on full registration, and others on concessional club rego. They get close to 40 MPG, run on unleaded, and I can still get most mechanical parts, but luckily I have a shed full of body parts.

Geoff, Perth, Australia.

15th Dec 2006, 17:23

My father owns a 1500SS from 1970. It was the car I grew up with and subsequently learned to drive in. It had an engine replaced after the original gave out after the odometer went a full round and some more. Sadly it is sitting in a mechanics yard awaiting funds to be restored and is probably rusting its sides out. We're still planning to someday have her fully restored and retake her rightful place at home. Does anyone know if Mazda would be up to doing a sponsor on the restoration. I have no qualms of having her painted in Mazda livery for advertisement purposes and even letting her go on tour for such purposes.

15th Apr 2007, 02:35

From Cyprus

I am the owner of 1969 Mazda 1500 deluxe. It still runs like a new car after 38 years. I had to change the engine a few years back, but the car looks like new inside and out. I still see a few examples of this car on the streets of my island, and there are a couple of specialist mechanics in Nicosia (Cyprus) which fix them and also have quite a few spare parts.

28th Aug 2007, 23:42

I truly feel this car the Mazda SS SUA will be a true collector, so whoever has them, hold on to them. They fetch around 10/12 thousand now, but in ten years they will set you back 54 thousand plus.

9th Apr 2008, 07:50

Hello to all the Mazda aficionados!

I am the proud owner of a '69 Mazda 1500ss.

You wouldn't be reading this if you didn't love them either!

I have owned the car for 8 years and it is in really good condition, it seems that a little proactive maintenance goes a long way, and they are simple cars to understand and maintain if you like doing that sort of thing.

I have recently put it into storage to preserve it, I do miss its great feeling when driving it and you really see people enjoy a great looking classic car.

Keep those stories coming in, it is great to hear about like minded people enjoying these fantastic cars.

G, South Australia.