12th Feb 2017, 04:07

The Mazda 1500 SS are extremely rare cars. Particularly the late model 1969-1970 examples with the triple gauge dash.

New from the dealership, these cars were more expensive than a Mazda R100 and far better equipped.

They may not have the same level of fan-boy appreciation when compared to the early RX models, however SS models in original unmolested condition are close to impossible to find. I've been looking for years.

If anyone knows someone willing to sell theirs, please get in contact. Cash waiting.

9th Mar 2017, 02:57

I bought a Mazda 1500SS in 1996 for $1,800 and sold it in 2003 for $7,500. Was in way above average condition. Had to replace the fuel pump and the clutch master cylinder (the latter was probably the last one in Australia). Then had to do an engine rebuild for poor compression just before I sold it and the car was becoming a headache.

Yes, they look great, but they weigh over 1,000kg which is WAY too much for the power. Even when new, they took 20.5 secs for the standing 400m. I have a Mazda 1300 which weighs 200kg less and is far faster and easier to drive. The standard 1500 developed maximum torque at only 2,500 RPM and the SS at 3,000 RPM. Revving them much more than this was useless and it would not comfortably cruise at more than 55mph. The Mazda 1800 was better, but why Mazda replaced the 1500SS with this car is beyond me. An 1800SS would have had the extra "zoom zoom" to match the "SS" badge. The 1500SS looks much nicer than the 1800 with extra external badging and trim and a far nicer interior with tacho and woodrim steering wheel.

If you buy an SS, be prepared for a slow, difficult to drive car that you may NOT be able to get certain parts for. They have a very high centre of gravity so 2 mates got rid of theirs because, they rolled them! (unintentionally) They also stall when cold like most old Mazdas. However they look great, have slim pillars so fantastic rearward visibility like the BMW 2002 and have high levels of standard equipment (lockable and illuminated glovebox and electric aerial). As you can see, I'm a bit of a Mazda nut, so any questions, just ask.


15th Jul 2018, 05:19

Couldn’t agree more. People are paying $25,000 these days for standard Capellas and they are easy to find!! The late model Mazda 1500SS are a true collector’s car, on par with the collectibility of unmodified early rotaries, the value of the stock standard 1500SSs just keep going up.