4th Feb 2010, 02:55


One time time 1500 SS owner, 10 years ago, now 1500 Deluxe owner. Love these cars of course. I drive mine everyday to work and it still has very low mileage on it... 103,000 miles since 1967. I am deciding whether I should buy a 69 wagon I know of, and am always on the look out for parts etc... If you have some you want to sell or know of where I can get some parts, let me know... oh yeah, I'm in Brisbane, Australia...



28th Mar 2010, 18:54

Hi, I just bought a 1969 Mazda 1500 for $500 CAN. All I need is a wiper parts. Can someone help me with this?

My E MAIL IS sound.d.j@hotmail.com

25th May 2010, 22:30

1500ss crush...

Since my last post.

A. Have seen not many SS's for sale

B. Prices have been varied.

C. Am still looking.

And the only one that seems to be extremely good value was John's, who was attempting to sell at 15K. BTW has it sold?

A 36K 1500SS with 1200 miles... WOW, I assume it has gone into deep storage. A rarity for any marque, perhaps more so for early Australian delivered Japanese cars.

As for I know Italian cars...??? The market is still saying Alfa 105's, - arguably the sexier though more rust susceptible car - represent good value. These are pursued hotly by a larger enthusiast base, which can create real inflationary pressures on prices.

Some immaculate original and/or well restored cars have been know to sell well above 40K. However the Berlina, which the 1500 was to be, can be had for way less. Having owned coupes and the Berlina the 4-door is a much better driver.

As for the future speculation on value... go figure and polish the crystal ball.

Cheers Michel.

P.S if anyone knows of the whereabouts of an SS with the 1750 motor in it still, or the 13B installed SS (both originally Canberra cars) let me know.

1st Aug 2010, 18:57

The Mazda 1500 SS SUA is a car that will increase in value when less are still around. This you can believe.

25th Sep 2010, 01:01

Very very very beautiful car.

18th Mar 2011, 09:39


I am 66 years old now, and would like to add a comment to the generation of drivers collecting cars for future investment.

Been in Australia all my life, and I have owned only 3 cars till now.

My first, a Cortina GT in the sixties.

My second, a Falcon XR GT.

My current is a Mazda 1500 SS.

As you can see, I love the 60s classics.

Now ask yourself something, out of the 3 cars, today only 2 are worth a lot more than the day they were built. They are the Cortina GT and the Falcon XR GT. You ask why??? Answer: they both were used in the Tooheys 1000.

Now the Mazda 1500SS was born overseas, and not in many known events, and the point I am trying to make here is, the Mazda 1500 SS SUA will increase in the value only if more owners restore them and place them in clubs, which will ensure them from getting stolen and in an accident. Then this will allow value to go through the roof, because insurance companies will have peace of mind about this model, as well as parts not going to be a huge issue as well.

Conclusion here is...

Less of this car on our roads, and more for exhibit reasons = more $$$$$$$$$$$.

Thank you for reading, and remember one thing, whatever car you might drive today in this world, you bought it, you own it, and you will sell it when you want at what price you want.


Mr J. Goldberg.

15th Apr 2011, 19:15


My uncle has a 1969 Mazda 1500 Auto Deluxe. He has had it since new and is very fond of it.

Unfortunately it is off the road at present, needing one small part. A mechanic has described this part as "Retaining clip holding selector arm to gear shift selector at steering box". We have been unable to find a replacement part and I'm hoping someone may know if it's possible to get around this problem.

Any advice would be gratefully accepted at mountrascal@supernerd.com.au.

Regards, Jim, Eaglehawk, Vic.

10th Jun 2011, 03:40


I had a Mazda 1500 SS, all original, 2 owners, bought in NSW in 1998.

I just sold the SS to a young chap in Tassy for $10,000, 12 months reg rwc.

What a car... I must admit I used the back seat nearly every Sat night. Had good wide room to get it all going on.

They love the body shape.



22nd Jul 2011, 15:03

Hello sir,

Parts are very rare now. The best advice is to buy a whole car, salvage what you need, and scrap the rest.

Some parts come up on ebay; best to ask the seller if they might have this part or know of someone who does.

Hope this helped sir.

Kind regards,

Rare metal autos lover.

21st Oct 2011, 01:12

Mr J Goldberg.

I would be pleased to hear from you concerning your SS if you choose to sell it.



4th Nov 2011, 02:35

Hello Michel.

The car has been sold to a young guy in Tasmania for 19k.

Kind regards.

Mr Goldberg.

23rd Nov 2011, 19:25

A 1969 1500 SS was the first car I ever owned when I arrived in Australia in 1971. I fell in love with the car the first time I saw one, on Circular Quay, the day I arrived.

Even though I have subsequently owned BMWs, a Rolls Royce Cloud 3, and a couple of Aston Martins, it remains in my memory as one of the best specified and nicest looking cars I ever drove.

For its day, everything about it was right. I am not at all surprised that they fetch the kinds of prices that they seem to fetch in Australia these days. If any Japanese car deserves the description "classic", the 1500 SS surely does. I have always missed mine, and only sold it because when I moved to NZ, they did not have them here. I wish that I had kept it!

2nd Feb 2012, 20:38


I don't care what people say about the Mazda 1500 SS. Born in Europe, bought by Japan, and then named Mazda.

Now, why the... would you say it's not a classic?

Bertone is a legend, and so are any of his cars.

If anything, it should be even special due to it being named Mazda, and not Fiat, or Alfa Romeo. No matter what is said here, it will only increase in value.

I remember on Ebay Australia about 1 year ago, a seller was selling a PAIR of original Mazda 1500 SS fog lamps; they sold over for $500. Just fog lights. You work out the sums.

Cheers, and congrats to the owners who still have them.

5th Apr 2012, 17:44


I am in love with the whole car. It's sad to see none on the road like the 60s, 70s and even early 80s. Now spotting one is rare as can be.

What a sexy body, great car. Never will there be a car as sexy as this one ever built.

I say well done to all the owners of the 1500 SS, so they should be worth a mint, that's for sure.