2007 Mazda 3 GS Saloon 2.0L 4 cylinder from North America


Not good enough


The doors wouldn't lock any more.

Rattles and squeaks.

Rear shock problem.

Rust, rust, rust.

Some of these issues were covered by the warranty.

General Comments:

Leased this car for 3 years (brand new - not a demo car).


It looked brilliant back in 2007. Even in 2018, this car looks if the paint has been well maintained.

After 3 years of ownership the car started to rust a little, which is unacceptable.


Roomy enough. Seats were quiet comfy. The materials used inside were rather good (a mix of soft and hard materials).

Some rattles and strange noises developed over the years.


Decent performance but high fuel consumption. Also, the manual transmission was a delight to use.


Some. Not on the VW level.


The saloon version wasn't great. The trunk is not too big and the storage inside is very limited. The hatchback version is better.


As mentioned this car had a few problems. Can't comment more than that since I leased it for 3 years. Apparently they are not as good as Toyotas or Hondas, even though that generation was made in Japan.


The Mazda 3 was a pretty fun car to drive with good looks inside and out. However watch out for the rust and for the automatic transmission (apparently they have problems).

Last but not least, if fuel consumption is your main concern, this might not be the car you're looking for.

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Review Date: 5th October, 2018

2007 Mazda 3 GS 2.0 from North America


Best vehicle purchase I have ever made


At about 100000 Km, had some stiffness in the shift linkage due to corrosion. The symptom was when placed in Park, the linkage wouldn't keep the starter safety switch made, and the car would not start. To start the engine, I had to shift to Neutral, allowing the starter safety switch to enable starting. Remedy, cleaned and lubed the linkage.

General Comments:

Pros: Outstanding reliability. Quality is excellent for an 'entry level' car: upholstery is holding up very good, suspension is still very tight, no loss in performance, no shakes or rattles anywhere on the car. Handles and drives like new. Front brakes changed at 125000 Km, but they could have waited a bit longer. Requires very little maintenance.

Cons: None.

Helpful notes: Rust Check or similar treatment every Fall prior to the salt season is very important. Air conditioning doesn't cool the car as well as the A/C on bigger domestics; Corolla and Civic owners have the same experience and opinion.

I expect the Mazda 3 is as good as any vehicle in its class/price range, and better than most.

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Review Date: 30th April, 2015

2007 Mazda 3 GS 2.0 litre gas from North America


Reliable, and easy on the wallet


This car has been bullet proof in-terms of reliability.

All I have changed so far were the car stereo and front door speakers, because the factory stereo is not very good in my opinion. I needed iPod connectivity and Bluetooth as well.

The car is used as our family car, and has not had any mechanical issues except for your basic wear and tear and maintenance.

Things replaced: Brake pads and rotors, engine air filters and suspension. These listed items are all maintenance items, as well as your obvious oil changes, auto transmission oil changes and radiator flushes.

General Comments:

Great on gas, reliable, and built well. I would recommend getting a rust check done every year or every 2 years because I find these cars tend to rust in our Canadian climate.

I have changed my oil every 5000 km despite the fact the manufacturer suggests every 8000 km. Also, make sure you drain and fill the ATF; many people skip this and forget about it. I personally use synthetic engine oil and began using 5w-30 at 150,000 km on the car, but that's my preference.

The tires from the factory were absolutely useless; I quickly replaced them because they would not grip properly in the winter.

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Review Date: 12th November, 2014