11th Sep 2014, 02:26

Detailed and useful review. I believe the Acura would have been a better (and more expensive) choice, with a better resale value. But the Mazda didn't do that bad after all, save for the rust thing - this car could have been called the Mazda Rust. The parts that went were probably the Ford ingredients - the same parts in Volvos are known to fail at about the same miles.

11th Sep 2014, 16:37

Rust is not a big problem on a vehicle. It's more of a cosmetic issue than a safety issue. A can of paint and paintbrush will be a much cheaper solution to fixing rust than getting ripped off at a body shop.

25th Sep 2014, 13:07

Actually it is a big problem, not just a cosmetic issue, but it shows the car is deteriorating. It's also really bad for resale. Paint won't fix rust... It will barely disguise it... He spoke about it obviously because it's not just a minor issue, it's all over the car. I would know, I own one.

25th Sep 2014, 19:04

I would be appalled if any of my cars even started thinking about rusting at 10 years old. I recently sold a late 2005 Mazda 6 because rust was starting to appear, and that's purely down to poor metal, metal protection and the manufacturer. It was reliable, but it doesn't put your mind at rest that the body wouldn't last much longer. Historically I'm a Volvo driver and NONE of them had any rust on at 10 years. And they were just as reliable. But that is because in Japan, cars simply aren't around at 10 years old, so they're not built to be.

25th Sep 2014, 21:01

I agree with the first commenter that it's not really an issue. For resale, the commenter is right that some paint is sufficient. Rust is just a slight but insignificant annoyance in terms of the looks of the truck, but in no way would an informed buyer worry about it when buying used, especially if it's masked with paint.

27th Sep 2014, 02:25

Paint won't protect against rust! It'll cover it up, but not protect it. Anyway, if the car is already rusting so it's visible from the exterior, then how bad is it underneath? If the chassis/floor pans are rusting, then this becomes a safety issue - FACT.

P.s., it's a car not a truck!

30th Sep 2014, 16:34

That's not true. That's what the body shop says because they like to rip people off thinking their "rust treatment" service exorbitant pricing is justified. They do a little bit of sanding then paint over it. The same could be done just as easily and for a fraction of the cost in your driveway. And again, virtually every truck I see in my area has rust from where it got dinged on the tailgate or back bumper. Not an issue at all, just like it's not in the case this reviewer is describing.