23rd Mar 2007, 08:10

In addition to my original review at the top of this page, I would like readers to know the following:

I love this car. It will do almost anything I ask of it. Recently, rather than see what it would do in terms of speed and acceleration, I thought I would see how economical is was by driving carefully on a long 130 mile journey. By taking my time, not racing through the gears, and not exceeding 65 MPH on a motorway, the car returned an amazing figure of 45.88 MPG! Which is above those claimed by the manufacturer.

On a separate occasion, by driving sensibly, but not dawdling nor exceeding the national speed limit, she returned dead on 40 MPG! - and that's from a 2 litre engine!

My last car was a Ford Focus C-Max with a 1.8 litre engine, and that piece of junk returned just 27 MPG at the most no matter how delicately I drove it. The Mazda just blows it away in every respect apart from a tailgate, but in service, I have found not even that desirable feature is the massive disadvantage I once thought it might be.

The car has also been into the garage for it's first service recently, and the garage staff, as well as being helpful and courteous, were very efficient. They turned the car around in about one hour whilst I waited. Others have much to learn from them it seems.

24th Mar 2007, 18:50

A very entertaining read. I recently read that the C-max was voted most unreliable car!

I'm getting rid of my VW Golf TDi 150 and buying a Mazda 2.0 Sport. I prefer it over the mk v, it should be more reliable too.

In '06 they face lifted the 3. Worldcarfans website details the changes. I look forward to owning a 3 sport!

3rd Oct 2013, 07:17

Great review and consumption follow-up seems promising OP!

I have a similar love for my previous Primera, a 2.0 eGT P10 and I am looking into a 2006 Sport also. Very eager to get one now as it ticks so many boxes and looks great to boot. I love it in the rich dark blue colour it comes in, and am going to see one tomorrow. If there are no alarm bells, I'm sold.

27th Dec 2013, 10:20

I posted about owning a Primera eGT Saloon before, and commented I was looking into a Mazda 3 2.0 Sport; I bought one!

I love it. Around town I am almost getting 30 MPG in winter with lots of sitting around waiting for windows to demist, heating the car up for the wife and having the odd blast on a dual carriageway mixed in. I have NOT been delicate.

I usually fill up just below 1/4 tank and note the miles travelled at 1/4... With normal 95 RON unleaded I was getting about 180 miles out of 3/4 of a tank. With V Power+ I was getting between 200 and 210... Trying Tesco's 99 RON Momentum now, and so far I'm on 90 miles out of 1/4 of a tank, which is more than expected! And it was cheaper, so will treat my engine to that stuff...

I am overall happy with her; she's in Aurora blue and looks gorgeous. Tricky in the wet but fun, and a lovely place to be! Would buy again...!