19th Feb 2007, 09:00

I also have a 3 MPS, and haven't felt the need to switch off the DSC, although the power reduction in 2nd can be a bit too severe if there's any significant steering angle.

On the whole though, you have to say Mazda have done a remarkable job in making a front-wheel drive car with this much power and torque driveable. A few minor compromises are inevitable.

21st Feb 2007, 22:36

Just wanted to say; you suck!

I want this car so bad, but the adult in me does not want to know the difference in insurance compared to my Impala. As I am 21 and already paying way too much, the last thing I need is speeding tickets.

Wish you luck, Keep us updated. Thanks.

29th Jun 2007, 01:02

Quick update from the guy who did the original post. It's summer in Toronto, and the check engine light hasn't appeared at all! The car is still running flawless, and the air-con doesn't seem to rob any power from this torque beast! I stopped beating up on the car though... it just doesn't seem to be as much fun as I'd thought it would be! Civics and GTI's don't disappear in the rear view mirror like the engine specs suggest, and the severe axle tramp/wheel hop on hard launches have my nerves on end! The "I'll give you power when I feel like it" limiters have really sucked away my enthusiasm. There needs to be a update to the ECU which factors in the added weight of passengers and cargo. A heavy ladened 2.3l four banger doesn't need power limitations in a low RPM point-n-shoot situation! A huge oversight! Regardless of these gripes... this car is pure fun on the highway!

2nd Aug 2007, 04:37

To the original poster. If you already haven't been told by your dealer, there is an ECU re-program fix that stops the CEL. Apparently the ECU, mostly when the weather is cold, has trouble reading the tumble flaps in the intake runners. The ECU thinks they are not working properly when in actual fact they are. This causes the CEL to illuminate. The ECU re-program is supposed to fix this problem. I hope this helps!!

7th Jan 2008, 17:11

Original poster here, at 25,000km the rear suspension COMPLETELY FAILED!!! I woke up one morning to see a huge oil slick on my driveway. I had to get two rear struts replaced at the dealer's expense, but it took over 3 weeks because they can only be transported by land 'casue of Hazardous Material issue! I didn't even get a loaner, and I was quite annoyed bouncing around in my new Speed 3! I didn't feel safe at all! The dealer casually tried to hint to me that suspension isn't covered under warranty, but when I told him that I'm not paying for suspension components that fail under 30,000km, he didn't seem so certain of himself. He's been really cool with me so far! I'm crossing my fingers! Now I have 2 recalls to do with emission control equipment. I hope this isn't going to be a big deal.

8th Feb 2009, 10:20

Original poster again. I put on a Cobb short ram intake on my wife's Speed3, more for the "swish... pish" acoustic improvement. You could notice just a little more pull with the freed up intake system.

3 months later, the wife tells me the "check engine" light is on, and she wanted me to put back in the stock intake so she could take the car in for warranty service. I hadn't driven the car for a couple of months, but WOW... the car is a BEAST!! When driving along in 3rd gear, I floored it, and the wheels light up in smoking fury!! 1st and 2nd gears now demand 1/2 throttle modulation, or the tires don't stop spinning. The DSC does VERY little to control the madness. The boost controller must be a little whacked 'cause the car feels like it has 300hp with no limitations!!

Sadly, I put back in the stock intake, plugged the car battery back on, and presto... the check engine light went off! A big waste of time, and now the car is back to its mundane self again, barely able to chirp the tires when flooring it in 2nd gear. I'm so angry! Anybody out there with a similar story or an explanation?

Oh yeah... the car is 100% reliable with no problems what-so-ever.