1989 Mazda 323 SE 1.3 16v from UK and Ireland


One good drift car


The distributor failed and the tracking went when I hit a hedge at 80mph.

Also I knocked the anti-roll bar off on a bump in the road at 50mph overtaking someone in a 30 zone.

Engine would stall, so you had to use the handbrake to slow down when in traffic - can get you odd looks.

For best results do behind modded cars, and take roundabouts at 90mph to win.

General Comments:

Performance was very good, if you pushed the car to 7,500 rpm in EVERY gear you just about reach 110 mph. Handling at this speed was optimal, especially with its 155 budget tyres.

The seats were comfy, but didn't really hold you in when your taking sharp corners at excessive speeds.

Another point - The brakes had a tendency to lock the wheels from about 5 mph.

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Review Date: 10th July, 2004

1989 Mazda 323 from North America


This is my third day I have the car. This noon the O/D-off light started to went on and when I drive on the free way the transmission won't change to the final gear. It was noisy.I felt like I was speeding while it was only 65 mph. I bought the car for $1000. I don't think I want to change to a new transmission. I hope I still can use it for a couple of months.

General Comments:

Good looking and convertible.

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Review Date: 9th June, 2004

9th Jun 2004, 23:22

You will blow the tranny and possible engine if you don't fix it. Its stuck in 4th gear.. your RPMS are revving too high.. I give it another week until it breaks down.. too bad...

1989 Mazda 323 DX 1.6 liter from North America


A well built, highly economical mode of transportation


Nothing has gone wrong with this vehicle, although I just purchased it within the past two weeks. I do, however, need to check out a slight vibration that is noticeable at approximately 2,200 RPM.

The air conditioning is not functioning properly, although it does blow cool air (not cold).

General Comments:

This is a nice little car in appearance and to drive. I purchased the vehicle from the original owner, and it was exceptionally well maintained throughout. It is in almost new condition.

I have rechecked my calculations twice, but it is true - I am getting 47 miles per gallon on the highway!

I would highly recommend this vehicle if you are looking for a respectable economical vehicle that is very cheap to operate.

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Review Date: 1st August, 2003

8th Apr 2004, 08:36

Did you find out what that rattle in the front left side (from driver's position) is? Thanks...

1989 Mazda 323 SE OHC in-line 4 cylinder from North America


Low-end, but decent car


My clutch went out around 135,000 miles.

The button for the defroster doesn't function properly anymore.

General Comments:

The car is lightweight, but I find mine quite underpowered. It is difficult to accelerate quickly as you approach speeds of 50 miles. per hour.

However, the car will accelerate well at lower speeds (0-35 mph.).

I get great gas mileage, Averaging about 30 mpg. on the highway.

The car will begin to shake around 70 mph. This can cause a CD player to skip. At higher speeds (75+) the car made a mysterious clicking or scratching noise. I was never able to figure out what it was.

I bought the car for $500. It was cheaper because it leaks a little oil from burning and dripping. however it is an excellent starter car.

I owned a manual version of the car, I find the car fun to drive, but I wouldn't say the same for an automatic.

One thing I found suprising was that the space where the clock would go, was a piece of plastic. The clock was optional!

Overall I liked this car, It has good gas mileage and it is fun to drive.

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Review Date: 17th April, 2003

10th Dec 2003, 20:50

The 1989 Mazda 323 is a nice student car. Very affordable and cheap to drive. The gas mileage is excellent 33-37 Miles per gallon. I think this car deserves some appreciation. I still drive this car in 2003 year and have put about 200,000 two hundred thousand miles on it. The engine is still strong and do burn-out. The engine required no major maintenance other than gasket leak at about 156000 miles. The suspension was needed to be replaced at 180000 miles. After that the car is still running upto this day with 200000 miles on it and I am pretty sure will be running, and will go over 250,000 easily.

If you want to save money and hassle of repair buy this Japanese car. Buy the turbo version if you could find one.

23rd Feb 2007, 15:50

I bought my '89 Mazda 323 (non-turbo) at 84,000 miles and 2000 dollars. It's been a gem! It currently sits at 156,000 miles, and I am very happy with the 5 years I got out of it. I noticed about 10,000 miles prior the defroster light didn't work, but didn't mind. Then the big problem, it was stalling and hesitating after shifting in-between gears. Upon inspection, I found out that the cylinder head was shot, and the valve stems and covers were done as well, it blue-smoked a lot. They recommended to replace the engine for 1500, but it's time to move on! Good car, reliable, great transportation and nice drive-ability, even though I changed out the wheels, and the driver seat needs changed too. GOOD BUY AND GOOD FIRST CAR!!