2001 Mazda 323 GLX 1.6 from Norway




Joints clicking.

Brakes hanging.

RUST! And a lot of it.

General Comments:

The car drives well and is well equipped for its price tag. On longer drives of 1 hour+, it becomes uncomfortable. Partly because of the seats, and partly because of the rough ride and road/wind noise.

The car I bought looked as good as new. Still shiny paint, and the interior looking and feeling as new!

The car had been well maintained with annual servicing.

However, this was still not enough, as the car had heaps of filler applied to it under the body. The car had rusted way beyond repairability many years ago and will never pass another MOT. It has severe rust damage on all 4 corners, and also alongside.

Despite all the servicing, the fact that it had only done 58000KM in 13 years tells me that this car is of poor quality. I am utterly disappointed by Mazda.

A mechanic, judged by the looks of the damage that the car was already rusted beyond repair when it was 10 years old. And, judging by the service book back then, only had done 40000KM.

Never another Mazda.

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Review Date: 12th April, 2015

2001 Mazda 323 GXi 1.3 fuel injection from UK and Ireland


The perfect family cruiser


Nothing much, had the anti roll bars replaced for the M.O.T.

But that was it, apart from a rear brake light bulb blowing.

Passed with no advisories; not bad for a 10 year old car.

General Comments:

The car is very comfortable, and as with most Japanese cars, very well equipped. Mine is the basic model, but still has power steering, electric mirrors and windows, plus an excellent CD radio. Do miss not having a sunroof though.

Bought this, as we needed a bigger car, and the space is excellent, with a nice big tailgate boot and folding 60/40 seats.

Considering it weighs just over a ton empty, the 1324CC 72BHP engine is powerful enough and performs remarkably well, though obviously it is not really fast, but 90MPH is easily sustainable, and I bought it to be a roomy family car, not a sports motorway guzzler.

Coupled with the legendary reliability these have, and at least 38MPG on a run, this is a very nice looking, perfect family cruiser.

I feel really comfortable and happy driving it around, and it is a very easy car to get used to. Certainly would recommend it to anyone!

Cannot believe how cheap these cars can be obtained for now second hand

Grab yourself a bargain, and go and get one!

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Review Date: 25th February, 2012

17th Aug 2013, 11:20

I must say, that since I wrote this review, I have found out the hard way that these cars have an Achilles heel - RUST.

The rear wheel arches on these are badly prone to it, and mine are starting to rot quite badly! May be worth noting if you live in the UK climate zone.

12th Feb 2014, 15:51

Ah yes, I've got the 2.0 Gxi turbo diesel, and had to have the rear wheel arches replaced because of rusting. That aside though, it's an excellent car - 177,000 on the clock and still very comfortable, and still doing 50+ MPG on long journeys.

2001 Mazda 323 Protege Shades 1.6 from Australia and New Zealand


Comfortable and reliable


Only owned the car for 8 months, purchased from a dealer. When I went to get a roadworthy to sell it, the front brakes required machining and new pads. Either the dealer covered that up or they happened to wear particularly fast.

The boot release also stopped working for a while, my mechanic discovered that the safety lock (on the actual boot latch) had somehow triggered, and once taken off, the release worked normally.

Only owned for a short time, but otherwise faultless.

General Comments:

I found the car quite big and roomy for a small car, but it handled well and was gutsy enough for a 1.6L.

Having also driven a 1.8L the difference is noticeable, but not earth-shatteringly so. The 1.6 obviously gives better fuel economy (I averaged 7.2-7.5L/100km highway driving with A/C on). Curiously I found that a relaxed driving style didn't significantly help economy (compared to aggressive driving).

The interior is plain, but functional. The Shades model is second from the top (SP20 is highest) and has electric windows and velour trim. I replaced the stock CD player (wouldn't read all CDs) with a Pioneer head unit.

I found the car quite comfortable to drive in. Four adults can travel comfortably. It also makes a great car for a small family, there are three anchor points for child seats in the back row. The rear seats fold down in a 60/40 split and armrest folds down where the middle seat is.

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Review Date: 18th May, 2009

2001 Mazda 323 LXi 1.3 Injection from UK and Ireland


A cheap, reliable, comfortable car that is roomy enough for 4 adults


Nothing, well it got dirty once I think.

General Comments:

This car is remarkably quicker than my old 1.4 Fiesta. Although not a Porsche or a Ferrari, its quick enough to get about town, and it pulls well on motorways up to about 90mph.

It is comfortable on long journeys, mainly because of the adjustable steering wheel, and comfortable seat.

This car has loads of room. I can adjust the drivers seat so that I am in a comfortable driving position, and an adult can sit behind me with adequate leg room. (I am 6 feet tall)

The cabin layout is OK, but some of the switches are fiddly to use, e. g the rear wiper switch.

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Review Date: 16th May, 2003

2001 Mazda 323 F SE Sport 1.8 16v Injection from UK and Ireland


Total class and enjoyment



General Comments:

I am so impressed with this car and love it more and more each time I drive it!.. I just wish there were more decent drivers on the road to allow me the time to get it's fullest potential out of it.

Extremely comfortable, some good toys to play with and a very enjoyable round! An all round 10/10.

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Review Date: 4th July, 2002

2001 Mazda 323 F GT 2.0 gasoline from Romania


A car to fall in love with



General Comments:

Two cars in one. A quiet, roomy and safe car for a family. Quick-as-silver and safe (again) when you hit the gas pedal.

Excellent ergonomic design.

Well equipped (ABS, EBD, DSC, TCS, side airbags, Climatronic, audio-center, etc) for it's class and price.

Interior well designed with "pleasant" materials for a compact car.

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Review Date: 1st October, 2001